Sunday, January 31, 2010

Korean media stir Toyota Honda recalls

Japanese site searchina1 31 reported that, following the Toyota Motor Corporation due to the accelerator pedal issue a massive recall of the incident, the Honda Motor Company is also a result of electric window switch problems, will be in Europe, America and Asia to recall 646,000 vehicles . The event was Korean media stir, saying that "the myth of Japan's security no longer exists."
Japanese automakers have problems, South Korea media have to "Toyota due to Japanese-style management constraints, leading to an international strategy has failed," "Toyota massive recall, the public trust has been shaken to the Japanese cars," "the Japanese archipelago security myth no longer exists" "Japanese cars can not be trusted, for Hyundai, Kia Motors affect the deep" "crisis, Toyota, Hyundai became the largest beneficiary" and so on as the title, stir-fried Toyota and Honda to recall the incident.
Korea Economic Daily on January 29 of the reports also known as "the pride of the Japanese manufacturing industry has always been, and even a brand," The report also quoted the Wall Street Journal reported that "recently, the world's strongest of the Japanese manufacturing status has been strongly shaken. "
In addition, the report also claimed that "cost over-cut, intense international competition has led to degradation of Japanese manufacturing. Also, the competitive environment changes have also generated a great threat to the Japanese manufacturing industry." "Japan's business those who advocate 'Made in Japan' is the core of the Japanese economy, but in the intense global competitive environment, the Japanese manufacturers how to maintain their competitive edge is troubled by a large number of Japanese entrepreneurs. "
South Korean Internet users on the network are also worried about the future of Japanese cars, but there are many voices of support for Japanese cars, such as "purely design issues, has nothing to do with the manufacturing sector." "Even if the problems of modern cars, it will not be recalled. Toyota and Honda is just too honest of. "These meetings with South Korean media reports vary widely.