Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The day before yesterday (18) Sabathia into the bullpen session

The day before yesterday (18) Sabathia into the bullpen session, and pitching coach Dave Eliand with focus on stability in their pitching motion, so that he can continue to throw strikes. Sabathia said he would normally be issued in the next bullpen session three days ahead, and sent the Yankees battle today for the first 4 starter AJ Burnett, Sabathia will also determine the normal four days rest after the first issue at the 5th war war Rangers.

Sabathia said: "We are lagging behind, everyone must be a good investment. Of course, I feel I must cast to play (like last year's playoffs) as the performance. Like I said, I can not do 1 field, But I will be ready for tomorrow's game. "

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kannuo knocked a solo shot in this first

ALCS: Game 1

Yankees Rangers, 6-5.

Hero: Yankees second baseman Kannuo (Robinson Cano).

Goat: Rangers bullpen, the Rangers second baseman Gensler (Ian Kinsler).

Key moment: Top of course, is the eighth!

Rangers starting pitcher Wilson (CJ Wilson) voted Qiju strike, Top of the face of the first eight batters Gude Na (Brett Gardner), was hit a infield hit. Next Kit (Derek Jeter) added a base hit, the number of catch than 2:5, only behind the three points. Wilson was for end, but one-third of the lead, still full of feeling Steady. But this season bullpen ERA (3.38 ERA) ranks second in the American League Rangers bullpen was the big bang here! First, the performance of the past three years are quite outstanding veteran Oliver (Darren Oliver), up can not find the strike zone, even after the end to send the two walks. Then right-handed batters in the EU specifically caught wearing (Darren O'Day), particularly in the face of A-Rod career twice, regarded him K out. Results A-Rod wear grasping the bases loaded in the European case, the ball must first strike a psychological plug, the first ball to swing and win with a two-RBI base hits, behind only the Yankees catch a points. Then grab Rangers left to play and then put on the La Pada dedicated (Clay Rapada), is the first tied the ball was knocked Kannuo a base hit! Rangers here have been lost. The most Houtaimusi (Marcus Thames) and then win their points ahead of hits, with Rivera (Mariano Rivera) in the hold the line, the Rangers lost a game in the win.

Kannuo knocked a solo shot in this first, and then tied the score win their hits, plus two single-game three hits and RBIs, is the most outstanding hitter.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Traveled south from Washington to watch the national team assistant coach McGowan

Traveled south from Washington to watch the national team assistant coach McGowan (Mike McGowan), said he had only expected him to maintain 87 mph last week, did not expect it soared to 89 miles. 2 months ago from his 70 miles to the front while the 83,84, 86,87 to the last week, and now 89, made rapid progress down the national team is very happy.

McGowan said, this is the effect of the rehabilitation efforts of diligent practice and the results of Wang, continue to do this ball will soon be over 90, then I am afraid that would "not stop."

Asked by the national team when the likelihood of renewal, McGovern said: "I do not doubt that he will back on the stadium pitch."

Shou Wang has been around in the national team pitching coach Ge Leite (Mark Grater), this is the first time he saw Wang playing relaxed expression.

He said the original goal of the national team is to guide the Union, he voted at least 1 Council, the results of his last two games were cast 3 innings. The first vote down the shoulder is not painful, I hope the second does not hurt, then he can take a complete rest to the New Year. He was very optimistic about his complete recovery.

Monday, October 11, 2010

In three games, but played the original experience of the rotating instability

In three games, but played the original experience of the rotating instability, sand fat even mediocre, but not to lose points to expand, the Yankees still have the chance to win; Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) regardless of a back injury in the end there Well, they threw a 7 game play only to lose 2 points strike, won 19 career wins in the playoffs; Hughes (Phil Hughes) is more nearly complete, only to suffer Council voted 7 4 An scoreless, into the Yankees into the biggest player in the American League Championship Series.

Pitchers have to play, playing lines also showed prominent than three years ago. 2007, the Yankees won only 4 games of 12 points, the team batting average was only 2 into 28, OPS is 0.704; this year, the Yankees took only 3 games 17 points, the average hit rate of up to 3 into 14, OPS rise suddenly to 0.865, nothing like the open play before the playoffs, look shaky.

End of the Division Series, the Yankees gave players Fangda Jia, 10,11 (U.S. time) do not have to practice a ball game, so players can easily relaxed, care for the continuing interest in baseball go to Plaza do it, wait for the Rangers, who can light outlet, in the championship battle with them duel.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wang and Weber as players are cut a shoulder injury

Finally, a guiding coalition casting tournament, Webb ended the 2010 season until next January before they will not be pitching. Weber said, "Since last year after the surgery, I have never stopped, and now I am a bit tired, even if I did not really match, also voted down a whole year a lot of the ball, then I will rest and then prepare for next year's spring training . "

Webber will be a free agent, 8 may be his last game wearing a Diamondbacks jersey boarded the mound, As for next year have the chance to stay in Arizona, the 31-year-old right-hander has confidence that the "very may be. "and just the general manager of Dow Falls shortly after taking office (Kevin Towers) does not directly answer the question, saying only that next month will be Na Weibo players on the market to compare, after discussion before making a decision.

Wang and Weber as players are cut a shoulder injury, rehabilitation is also nearly 15 months to position it seems, Wang progress faster than Weber. This Taiwanese pitcher debut early on the 7th Board cast a scoreless, the fastest ball speed of 87 miles; Weber has carried out three guiding league pitching, the fastest speed from 82 miles to 85 miles progress. National has expressed willingness to contract with the construction of earners, while the Diamondbacks have not yet made it clear.