Friday, October 8, 2010

Wang and Weber as players are cut a shoulder injury

Finally, a guiding coalition casting tournament, Webb ended the 2010 season until next January before they will not be pitching. Weber said, "Since last year after the surgery, I have never stopped, and now I am a bit tired, even if I did not really match, also voted down a whole year a lot of the ball, then I will rest and then prepare for next year's spring training . "

Webber will be a free agent, 8 may be his last game wearing a Diamondbacks jersey boarded the mound, As for next year have the chance to stay in Arizona, the 31-year-old right-hander has confidence that the "very may be. "and just the general manager of Dow Falls shortly after taking office (Kevin Towers) does not directly answer the question, saying only that next month will be Na Weibo players on the market to compare, after discussion before making a decision.

Wang and Weber as players are cut a shoulder injury, rehabilitation is also nearly 15 months to position it seems, Wang progress faster than Weber. This Taiwanese pitcher debut early on the 7th Board cast a scoreless, the fastest ball speed of 87 miles; Weber has carried out three guiding league pitching, the fastest speed from 82 miles to 85 miles progress. National has expressed willingness to contract with the construction of earners, while the Diamondbacks have not yet made it clear.