Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is light years past a 3 degree tragically no hits

This is light years past a 3 degree tragically no hits, they were by the end of July last year, the Chicago White Sox Mark Buehrle threw perfect game, early in May this year, it was Oakland Athletics Dallas Braden threw complete games.
Colorado Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez on the Atlanta Braves in four months to cast their first major league no-hitter this season, while Braden, the Philadelphia Phillies Roy Halladay was also the end of May in the Florida Marlins threw complete game at home.

May 2004, Randy Johnson on the 40-year-old Atlanta Braves throw perfect game and also the history of Arizona, first no hitter.
Jackson's 149 ball, no-hitter is the largest number of records with the ball, he said: "I did not pay attention to the last few balls, I do not want to be the distraction." The no-hitter for the cast of mind, Jackson was said: "My feeling is of course great, especially after the previous Board (the state) after."
"To return here, to have the audience cheering for me to see my performance. Today is a special day. I will never forget." Two years ago to help light reached the World Series in Jackson, said.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rockies back in 1 minute under eight innings

Rockies back in 1 minute under eight innings, the Red Sox come in the ninth inning of the Terminator sent Bo (Jonathan Papelbon) hold the line, did not expect the Rockies are still struggling to resist, Hope (Brad Hawpe) and win 2 points A base hit RBI to 11:11 than the number of tied, the two sides back to square one, with two days of the rescue sent Bo failure. cheap mlb jerseys

10 Board, the Shikuteluo (Marco Scutaro) out after a hit on the base, two outs, Peizhuo Ya just back from injury by the Rocky's Shicui Te (Huston Street) in the hands, and then today, 3 H individuals runs, help the Red Sox get another 2 points ahead. Park Board to send half of the learning the lessons so that the Rockies 3 on 3, the least to keep the Red Sox victory.

Piper lost the Council today voted 2 2 minutes, rescue failed 3rd season, but earned 3 individual wins (4 lost), Pei Zhuoya audience is 5 5, 5 RBIs were laid, get back to base attack 4, become the biggest player in Red Sox win. Rocky knocked the audience while 18 hits, only to lose the end of the bitter fight today.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chien-Ming Wang New York Yankees today in the first official warm-up in start

Chien-Ming Wang New York Yankees today in the first official warm-up in start, away to the Philadelphia Phillies, ace pitcher Wang Chien-ming show momentum, pitched two authorities only beaten one hits did not lose points, throw a strikeout and closing the Yankees is a 9:3 win, head coach Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi) the performance of the building satisfied, Aberdeen, starting pitcher as the opening match of the opportunity is very strong.

28-year-old Wang is the first time in the warm-up match today unveiled before Qiao Ladi says that Wang should be is April 1, Taipei time the Yankees home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher, if Aberdeen can really build that time as now the opening of Yankee Stadium's final battle starts, will be a very honorable thing.

Qiao Ladi said that he (Wang) really have a good chance to become this year's opening of the war starting pitcher!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Garciaparra said that, I'd like to, but things just happened

Garciaparra said that, I'd like to, but things just happened, when you encounter something that is inevitable, you should want to know to ensure your health is more important things.

Therefore, the Dodgers players to Beijing, only outfielder Jones (Andruw Jones) and Camp (Matt Kemp) is a common starting main players.

Torre to mainland China in the period, leaving the other in spring training camp Dodgers player who summoned it to be? The answer is 21 years Dodge has served as head coach of Lasorda (Tommy Lasorda), who has over 80-year-old coach will be Teng jumped back into battle command.

Since 1996 he surrendered to arms after retirement Dodge, who led the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games gold medal for the U.S. team, and now again as the Dodgers a temporary head coach, certainly brought back memories of many old fans.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Johnson also overcome the pitching may lead to recurrence of back injury

Johnson is a back injury, continued rehabilitation, recovery case the match is almost certain that he could not race in the season after the commencement of the first round as a starting pitcher throwing in the task group, Diamondbacks team is currently focused on a warm-up in his next game, coach Marvin (Bob Melvon) said he will work with Johnson to discuss a schedule under, Johnson said: "You want to see some progress in some areas, there are many places today, the competition has improved, the next time out endurance race hope there is progress and drop-off spot, four Board wishes to vote will not commit too many mistakes. "

Johnson also overcome the pitching may lead to recurrence of back injury, psychological factors, he said: "When you're back injury, you just worry about injury was sustained recovery, I would like to gradually increase as the innings pitched and pitch count increased, I will become comparatively strong, the body will gradually feel comfortable with the physical condition now than cheap mlb jerseys.

Friday, June 18, 2010

According to the U.S. Fox TV news reports

According to the U.S. Fox TV news reports, the U.S. baseball home run king Barry Bonds (Barry Bonds) prosecutor charged four alleged perjury and one count of lying to obstruct all the charges, a federal judge that the prosecutor needs to be redefined to Bonds are the specific charges.

The original indictment for Bonds using steroids for example, judge that he did not see strong results, so returned the indictment, the Prosecutor requested redrafting.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

certainly hope that we first five games Tongzai opponents

Phillies coach Dolby (Rich Dubee) said: "He wanted to speed up the preparatory work, which we do not want to see, we do not think he should be ready quickly, he is a very important array 1, so if five days rejoin after the beginning of the season, it is not big, you do not want to have players not a race, but the face of these things with wisdom. " MLB jerseys
Ji also said: "I certainly hope that we first five games Tongzai opponents, I have nothing to worry about, because our team is likely to win over each other."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Penny (Brad Penny) who is the hero of the World Series champion

Penny (Brad Penny) who is the hero of the World Series champion, is also the All-Star Game starting pitcher this year more than his resume in turn an honor - as the Los Angeles Dodgers in the opening game starter.

Penny played in 2003 when the Florida Marlins, World Series that year had twice defeated the Joe Torre (Joe Torre) led the New York Yankees won the World Series champion, and now Joe Torre went to Dodge, but also the confidence of the Penny Man Man, so he was the opening match of a starting pitcher.

Penny said, I will race as just another game, I will not be too emotional high, this is not the World Series or the playoffs, but I am still very excited.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A total of four pitchers the Dodgers used

Defensively, both teams have made no mistakes.

A total of four pitchers the Dodgers used, starting Penny (Brad Penny) pitched 6.2 inning hit four hits scoreless, striking out three batters to cast bad 2 4 walks, pitcher to win. Giants also used four pitchers, starting Chito (Barry Zito) was playing the main cast of five hits and lost 4 points 8, swallowing failure to vote.

Dodgers wrapped up a 5 to 0 shutout the Giants, the opening battle between two teams succeed and also won three with the first race win, this is also the former Yankees coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) to arms Dodgers first win in charge.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blow to both sides show good firepower

Blow to both sides show good firepower, the Cubs hit 14 hits, first baseman Derek Lee (Derek Lee) 4 beat number 4 hits including a home run, two RBIs, center fielder Johnson (Reed Johnson) 5 hit number 2 hits 2 RBI, Japanese right fielder Kosuke Fukudome hit number 4 hits and 2 RBI 2. Astronaut team hit 12 hits, first baseman Ersidade (Darin Erstad) 2 个 bats two hits and an RBI, left fielder Carlos Lee (Carlos Lee) 4 个 hit several three hits, including a hair-wide base hit, two RBI.

The Cubs wrapped up by 9 to 7 victory over the astronaut team, two teams with the current three-game 1 to 1 tie.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rangers starting pitcher Maierwude (Kevin Millwood) pitched Qiju beaten three hitter lost 1 point

Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles, double the first fighting game, the three series the first Orioles to win 8 to 1.

Rangers starting pitcher Maierwude (Kevin Millwood) pitched Qiju beaten three hitter lost 1 point, cheap mlb jerseys pitcher to win, record a win and 2 losses. Orioles starting pitcher Choi uxeau (Steve Trachsel) pitched 6.1 inning hit five hits and lost 3 points, to swallow defeat cast, record a win and 1 loss.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brewers wrapped up a 5 to 3 win over the Mets won 1 in 3 with wins and 1 loss record

Blow, the Mets third baseman Wright (David Wright) 3 number 1 hits and two RBI hit, first baseman Del Gado (Carlos Delgado) 4 number 1 hits and a RBI hit. cheap MLB jerseys Brewers center fielder Ka Bole (Gabe Kapler) 4 at bats to hit a fat two-run homer, third baseman Hall (Bill Hall) 4 at bats to hit a spring home runs, second baseman Vic Sri Lanka (Rickie Weeks) 3 hits, 2 of which hit number one hair spring homer, an RBI.

Brewers wrapped up a 5 to 3 win over the Mets won 1 in 3 with wins and 1 loss record.