Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raiders want to contact the Hawks snapped Macnab

Today, according to ESPN news, Oakland Raiders are chasing a recent Eagles quarterback Donovan - McNabb, Eagles last week, media reports in 2010 would like to use McNabb for the first 42 picks, Raiders The second round (39th overall) in line with the requirements of the Hawks.

But insiders believe that McNabb remaining 1-year contract worth 11.2 million U.S. dollars could become obstacles to trade, in addition to tactical reasons, Raiders, and Macnab, there are other links between, first of all is the boss Al -- Davis and Macnab, all graduated from Syracuse University (Syracuse), Raiders offensive coordinator Hugh - Jackson, McNabb's distant cousin. If the Raiders really right Macnab "strike" can be said that a direct negation of the former draft pick Jiamakusi - Russell, Russell 2007, with first priority to join Raiders and has been a starter 4 Sub-Wei, but the performance is extremely poor, but it took six years, 68 million U.S. dollars salary.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Since the first-round draft pick has been selected

2008 Dallas Cowboys traded for him, Before that, since the first-round draft pick has been selected, he has been arrested six times including 12 times requiring police intervention experience. In October 2008 he hired a team of security guards clashed again suspended. 2008 end of the season, Cowboys and Jones lifted the contract, that season, he was attacked on average every Punt return only 4.5 yards, and has become a stain on the corner of Wei. Last year he did not play.

In their training period, Rousse, said Jones has been a model citizen, or even take the time and some in the afternoon visit the training of high school students together. Ruse said that he believed that if there is an NFL team to give him another chance, Jones will no longer trouble the. "I think he has learned, and is already mature," he said.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spa ancient Norodom said he will not put more stock into rumors of transfer

In Orlando, the team owner at the meeting, the Spa is located in the ancient Norodom came to Jupiter, Florida, the town of Cardinals training camp, he visited the team manager, Tony - la - Rosa, and then watch a few games in the spring training and competition.

Spa ancient Norodom said he will not put more stock into rumors of transfer. Rumors, including the Philadelphia media reported Wednesday Rams team has proposed using a second-round draft pick plus safety Wei Oshiomoghe Atogwe trading McNabb.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Improving the sudden death rule was a good opportunity to develop

"Improving the sudden death rule was a good opportunity to develop ... ... and even better," Atlanta Falcons President Rich - Mackay, said Mackay was competition committee co-chairs. "From the statistics we can see that the current sudden-death need to be changed, it did not produce an equitable result." These statistics show that since 1994, who won the coin toss in overtime guess the first team in the first the right to win the ball in the proportion of 34%, in general, in the past 15 years, the team won the coin toss has won nearly 60% of the final match. Or from the kick-off point has been moved back five yards to 30 yard line at.

"The Commission within a lot of people, including myself, the so-called traditionalists," Indianapolis Colts President Bill - Paul lien. "I am very proud to be that person, but when you look at the statistics, we need to do something becomes apparent."

Monday, March 22, 2010

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Porter signed with the

Free agent linebacker Joey - Porter on Friday accepted the Arizona Cardinals offered a three-year contract. The details of the contract were not announced.

Porter has 11 years of NFL experience, four-time All-Star team the past three seasons in Miami Dolphins effect, the first of his career 8 years were spent Pittsburgh Steelers.

Porter's career up till now a total of 92 sub-sack, in the active players behind only Jason - Taylor's 127.5 times, Porter's career, there are 12 steals, including a return to offensive touchdowns, 23 forced the off the ball and to regain the ball 9 times out two of them back to offensive touchdowns.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Discusses NFL playoff overtime rules

NFL boss who will vote next week in the playoffs, if the extra time to get right the first team offense scoring on a free kick, then whether to allow rival team also received an offensive opportunity.

In the previous game, regardless of which party first, scoring the game will be an immediate end, as in January's NFC final, Saints team in overtime on Garet - Hartley's free-kick beat Vikings man teams. But the NFL Competition Committee Chairman Rich - Mackay said the development of the situation shows that in the overtime coin toss by the opportunity to receive their first team offense gained much advantage. If in the first series of attack because of a third free-kick behind the team also scored a free kick, then the game will be the sudden death of the existing rules continue to carry out. This proposal is limited to the playoffs.

"According to statistics, it is clear that great changes have taken place now," McKay said. "When sudden death was introduced in 1974, when it was clearly functioning well and is a good system. It has brought excitement, and effectively break the tie. From 74 years to 93 years, received the first attack of the right The teams and have not been winning team were 50%, with the passage of time the data changes, the first team to get the right attack on the probability of winning to 59.8%, while the winning team did not receive probability dropped to 38.5%, we are trying to introduce a system of greater emphasis on team skills and strategies, rather than the randomness of coin flip. "

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tomlinson met with Jets executives

La Dai Homo - Tomlinson, this free agent running back Friday in New York Fuluohanmu park jet training camp and the New York Jets team officials, he also plans and in New Jersey with the head coach Rex - Ryan, general manager Mike - Tanenbaum and related personnel for dinner. Tomlinson, the plan to fly back to San Diego's home, but he could not catch up with dinner plans to make the plane to fly back to the West Coast. Jets spokesman Bruce - Spaight said, this running back Friday night after the trip has not been determined. Tomlinson met with the additional potential due to Jets for his love, they tried to persuade him to join the red ball last season ranked first attack line in the league. Tomlinson, the day before with the Minnesota Vikings team meetings have not signed a contract Thursday night, he went to the New York area.

Tomlinson San Diego last month, lightning force cancellation, he 12.49 thousand yards of the red ball a few yards in the league history, ranking No. 8. If he chose to join the Jets, Tomlinson might be as Shonn Greene's replacement, Pellegrini, in his rookie season on the canvas, his presence makes Thomas - Jones, a player the team can give up, Jones in this week's earlier and Kansas City Chiefs signed. Tomlinson will be in June at least 31 last season has created the worst performance of his career, a total of 223 red ball ball 730 yards, an average of 3.3 yards per ball forward only, he has 12 touchdown scores, But he attacked the position has been reduced, and the team focused on offense quarterback Philip - Rivers and the passing offense.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NFL rankings 11-20 free agent

11. Brian - Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles, running back

Injuries so that he lost the power of the past, but the Vikings are willing to Chester - Taylor's looking for a replacement.

12.Antonio Bryant, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, outside to take over

Nate - Abelson not succeeded to become a free agent, each with teams so that it would focus on Bryant's body, his last season of 15.4 yards per catch and promote the ability to make a battle is inevitable.

13.Ben Watson, New England Patriots, Tight end

And Tom - Brady with the years, coupled with good height, Watson advancing an average of 13.9 yards per catch last season, contributed five touchdowns.

14.Jarvis Green, New England Patriots, defensive end

Although only a substitute player, but his performance is very stable, in the defensive end have an excellent running ability.

15.Bobbie Williams, Cincinnati Bengals, protecting front

This week, he most likely is the mother team re-sign a contract, the Tigers team needs a stable starting Tackle.

16.Neil Rackers, Arizona Cardinals, kicking players

At least 10 football teams want to improve the level of the lakes is an ideal candidate in the 2009 regular season, he only missed a free kick.

17.Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans, linebacker

Team must wait for the recovery of his injury, but if you signed a contract to starting players must be arranged in the female team the best chance Titans team.

18.Terrell Owens, Buffalo Bill, outside to take over

TO is a famous NFL mercenaries, but last season he was shut up in Buffalo for an entire season, an average of 15.1 yards per catch and achieved five touchdowns.

19.Chester Pitts, Houston Texans, retaining Feng

He is also a concern to protect the market this week, causing front.

20.Brodney Pool, Cleveland Brown, free and safe Wei

Because he is a restricted free agent, but has not been the team labels, in fact no different from the non-restricted free agent.

Monday, March 8, 2010

U.S. media: the most exciting Super Bowl game

New Orleans Saints not being optimistic about the case of 31 compared with 17 victory over Indianapolis Colts, won the 44th Super Bowl champion, this is the first time in history, the Saints won the Super Bowl, the U.S. mainstream media after the match time in the first race of the Comments.

"Today the United States" is entitled "When the Saints Run out the first time Super Bowl champion colt," the text of Brisbane in the game's performance in his praise. Brisbane came in this game 288 yards with two touchdowns. Saints and also referred to the team's kicker Hartley, his precise play three teams also guaranteed victory. At the same time in the "USA Today" and another article also describes the situation in Brisbane was Super Bowl MVP.

Focused on the economy's "Wall Street Journal" comment is very simple, they call this the Super Bowl is "the history of one of the most exciting games." "Boston Globe" Commenting on the return of the saints in the difficult process of winning the Super Bowl, while Porter and kicker Hartley, two players the exciting performance of highly commended.

Miami local "big South Florida Sun-Sentinel," attributed to the Saints to victory in the team, Brisbane flat Super Bowl record 32 passes successfully and Terlay last-minute steal are the focus of the text. In addition a local newspaper, "Palm Beach Post" and the "Great South Florida Sun-Sentinel," about the comments, in addition to Brisbane, Terlay and coach Xiao Enpei Leighton these core characters, they also mention to the Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, the impact of the city, which is hurricane brought them Xiaoen Pei tons and Brisbane, and now the two of them to help the city to the Super Bowl for the first time gave the Saints .

As a victory party, "New Orleans newspaper," after the game remains the focus of Brisbane, Terlay and coach Xiao Enpei ton.Terlay about that steals touchdowns of 75 yards, said: "I know their intentions, I just must firmly grasping the ball in my hands." As a team owner Tom Benson are crying, "New Orleans is back" I also expressed the coach Xiao Enpei tons of love, after the game he said: "I really wanted to kiss him on this."

"Los Angeles Times" is entitled "When the Saints rebounded in the second half to win the Super Bowl." Wen said the Saints victory was "New Orleans, the greatest moment in sports history." Similarly, the famous "New York Times" commented that "the saints gathered there, from the Manning victory."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

French people from throwing in the towel Debu injustice

Lost the game, the French fans, and there is not much disappointment, the current French team and the Spanish Armada is indeed no comparison, 42-year unbeaten home the history of arbitration in the hands of the Spaniards are not innocent - Matador since November 2006 15, lost to Romania after 35 games unbeaten, unexpectedly lost to the United States Fed Cup semi-final in its four years, the only time to lose, Matador sense of shame after the Confederations Cup brings in seven straight post-yong. No wonder the "Equipe" Fans will be Spain or even as a miracle: "We will not win, the reason is very simple, it was the best team on the history of Spain. They can walk on water."

"Marca" half could not wait to sum up, "We can assert that, even in Paris, Spain, wishes to remain productive and conquer." Fans even more amused "can not criticize the defense, so even the French do not have a chance" "Team reported, "said France and Spain today is not in a grade of" European champions, the French know a cold fact that the gap between the two countries is very obvious. "

Win the ball, the Spanish team also learned from the Football Association there another incentive message: If the Spanish national team won the World Cup in South Africa, Spain, FIFA will be awarded 600,000 euros for each player as the winner of the prize money.