Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raiders want to contact the Hawks snapped Macnab

Today, according to ESPN news, Oakland Raiders are chasing a recent Eagles quarterback Donovan - McNabb, Eagles last week, media reports in 2010 would like to use McNabb for the first 42 picks, Raiders The second round (39th overall) in line with the requirements of the Hawks.

But insiders believe that McNabb remaining 1-year contract worth 11.2 million U.S. dollars could become obstacles to trade, in addition to tactical reasons, Raiders, and Macnab, there are other links between, first of all is the boss Al -- Davis and Macnab, all graduated from Syracuse University (Syracuse), Raiders offensive coordinator Hugh - Jackson, McNabb's distant cousin. If the Raiders really right Macnab "strike" can be said that a direct negation of the former draft pick Jiamakusi - Russell, Russell 2007, with first priority to join Raiders and has been a starter 4 Sub-Wei, but the performance is extremely poor, but it took six years, 68 million U.S. dollars salary.