Thursday, March 4, 2010

French people from throwing in the towel Debu injustice

Lost the game, the French fans, and there is not much disappointment, the current French team and the Spanish Armada is indeed no comparison, 42-year unbeaten home the history of arbitration in the hands of the Spaniards are not innocent - Matador since November 2006 15, lost to Romania after 35 games unbeaten, unexpectedly lost to the United States Fed Cup semi-final in its four years, the only time to lose, Matador sense of shame after the Confederations Cup brings in seven straight post-yong. No wonder the "Equipe" Fans will be Spain or even as a miracle: "We will not win, the reason is very simple, it was the best team on the history of Spain. They can walk on water."

"Marca" half could not wait to sum up, "We can assert that, even in Paris, Spain, wishes to remain productive and conquer." Fans even more amused "can not criticize the defense, so even the French do not have a chance" "Team reported, "said France and Spain today is not in a grade of" European champions, the French know a cold fact that the gap between the two countries is very obvious. "

Win the ball, the Spanish team also learned from the Football Association there another incentive message: If the Spanish national team won the World Cup in South Africa, Spain, FIFA will be awarded 600,000 euros for each player as the winner of the prize money.