Sunday, February 28, 2010

Google Attack code published by the Chinese author

Britain's Financial Times (The Financial Times) reported that a security adviser to China's freedom to write using IE6 browser attack code, and after being used to attack Google and other U.S. companies.

According to the Financial Times reported, this status has not yet exposed to programmers, will be part of the program posted on a hacker attack on forum, but Chinese officials have a "special channel" can be obtained for his work. The report quoted an anonymous government work for the United States researchers said, the program is not the author of an attack.

The New York Times reported last week, researchers tracked the issue to attack computers, belonging to Shanghai Jiaotong University and Lan Xiang vocational school, which is related with the Chinese military. However, the two schools have denied the allegations.

Google Inc. on January 12 announced initiative to the destruction of their networks belonging to China's human rights campaigners e-mail accounts compromised. Therefore, the company will no longer be prime filter the results of searches of Internet users in China, and even hesitate to withdraw from the Chinese market. The Chinese government denies involvement in any attacks.

Microsoft IE flaw comes a week after the attack code has been widely circulated after an emergency security patch.