Thursday, February 25, 2010

Google began to include real-time search Facebook Status Update

Google has just announced through the post, the company's Facebook page will be updated information to its real-time integration of the search results page. Google first revealed the news in December last year, when Google has just started to real-time data included in its search results pages. Real-time results of Google and the other data sources including MySpace, and Twitter.

The only problem is that the initiative Facebook only allow Google access to its three million pages, these pages are generally famous people, politicians, brands and local businesses of all pages, rather than the general Facebook user page. This information may sometimes be useful, but the powerful real-time search lies in the fact many users involved. Facebook 400 million active users have a lot of information, but most of these Facebook messages are not shared with Google. In contrast, Facebook will have to be given access to all the user's permission (although this has not been achieved). Will be now able to access the data only those with "any person" are to share data. However, as in December last year, Facebook substantially modified its privacy regulations, Facebook ensure that the data will be obtained will be far more than previously.

According to reports, will be before, Google and Twitter for content sharing, when, Twitter will be charging for. The Facebook is different, it does not charge for their data to the search engines. According to industry analysts say, Facebook status updates services, the reason will be presented in the hope that the service will attract more users to visit their Web site.