Monday, September 27, 2010

The 24-year-old pitcher said he was seen pulling Xue Tucker and a base umpire is moving

Yankees pitcher Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) pitching for the unsatisfactory results this quarter, subject to the parties lambasting the New York media, do not seem right, now not even their own official website quite similar, 26 games in which he went so far as to no one in the basepaths a barrier to contain, even if not convicted of foul shooter, but still the Yankees official website that "Joe the constraints funny people frowned."

Chamberlain's debut is on the 26 Red Sox 9, Cali Xu (Ryan Kalish) hit a RBI base hit with, then suddenly pass the ball to first base, perhaps aware that no one on base, once the ball Wangdishangyi Chamberlain throw, so Tucker Xue pulled first baseman (Mark Teixeira) to pick up, Cali that has been promised to the third base foul then go, but later the trial was set to pitcher foul called back to second base on the grounds.

The 24-year-old pitcher said he was seen pulling Xue Tucker and a base umpire is moving, but not see very clearly that any sign of trouble, and that error is inevitable when the mind a bit scared, the last is not a good risk a penalty. Even without paying the price, the outside world still believe that Chamberlain was not focused on the field conditions, the Yankees official website to contain more that this "magic" to the people frown.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

However, the situation is not good in August Linse Kang

However, the situation is not good in August Linse Kang, 5 starts, the content can be said to be the worst career. He said: "Today was very easy pitching rhythm, a lot of ground balls and fly balls, the key outs are all caught up and am confident that I cast." Linse Kang vote today, 9k, but also to advance to the leading strikeouts Major League all 229 times.

Rocky Zong Jiaotou Tracy (Jim Tracy) said: "Linse Kang fantastic performance today, I think he is probably the best investment the whole race season." In fact, he is also very good army investigation Xin, 7 Bureau suffer Ann lost 2 points 3 Unfortunately, support is Burrell's home run, and run into the more violent Linse Kang, had to work next time.

Despite losing, but headed shortstop Trotsky Wieruszewski (Troy Tulowitzki), said: "At present we seem a little distance away from the playoffs, but the opportunity still exists, anything can happen." Rocky is currently being in the National League West behind 4.5 games behind wild card is 3.5 games.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The current Yankees in the AL East leading position temporarily

According to the U.S. "" columnist Abusasi (Rob Abruzzese), in the 18th (U.S. time) reported that Cashman said pellet has not the first partition as an important goal, "With and environmental changes over time, will change people's ideas, not the best record into the playoffs each team, and finally take home the championship regarded, this does not mean lowering standards, but we have the best team into the World Series battlefield, otherwise all the efforts and performance of the season, may be all forgotten. "

The current Yankees in the AL East leading position temporarily, but only half-leading Tampa Bay Rays margin of victory. The basis of past history, including the Florida Marlins in 1997 and 2003, the Boston Red Sox in 2004, all other cards away posture World Series title season, and they are outside the card in 03 seasons, qualifications, a combination of World Series play against the team.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Yankees made from a Council on the initiative

The Yankees made from a Council on the initiative, Jorge Posada out bases loaded when the two hit a timely hits, the Yankees made two point lead. And Brett Gardner were the two Councils in the 2,4-hit base hit with two-base hit, the Yankees and then grab 2 points.

5 inning, Cano belted two points gun, will lead widened. Cano RBI to reach 101 points this season, the Yankees became the St. Louis Cardinals in 2003, the Major League first team has three 100 RBI infield team.

Half of the race, the Orioles failed to score another growth, while the Yankees were in the 6,8 Councils each receive 1 point, 9 Board Granderson icing on the cake on the blasted 3 guns, and closing the Yankees on to win 11 to 3.

Challenge before the two starts, 20 wins after the loss, Sabathia is finally to become the first major league season, a 20-win pitcher. Over the past 9 years he was a big league career, there were 2 degrees 19 wins, which also won the 2007 American League Cy Young Award, but until this year, finally won its first 20 games.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ke Deluo (Francisco Cordero) 2008 was transferred to Reds after the post of airborne Terminator

Reds excellent record this season, the playoffs again after 15 years the chances are fairly strong, but to face the first time in 15 years playoffs, Reds currently have a difficult problem to be solved, that is, Terminator part of the problem.

Ke Deluo (Francisco Cordero) 2008 was transferred to Reds after the post of airborne Terminator, but also very competent two years ago to hand over the successful rescue of 34 and 39 so far this year there are 36 successful rescue, but defense rate is 3 years since a new high, up 4.11 ERA this year, but also messed up the rescue 8 games.

In addition, Ke Deluo 9 moonrise event 6 games, one wins and 1 defeat of the record 10.13 ERA, and 2 games are messed up, the face of the upcoming playoffs, but the end of the package in the regular season, No wonder there are people who appeal to the major leagues by the first male Cuban fireball Chapman (Aroldis Chapman) to serve as the Terminator.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

But as the captain of the Kitt jumped out to ensure that you will return Paixiong the top of the eastern United States

But as the captain of the Kitt jumped out to ensure that you will return Paixiong the top of the eastern United States, he said: "Despite the light trifled with, but we also have a dozen games to go, we do not worry about other teams What, for as long as the do's on the line. "and Jia Dena very happy to check the report said was negative, I believe muscle inflammatory conditions in the rest will be able to recover after a few days.

At the same time played since July 19 light left groin strain Pettitte (Andy Pettitte), is also expected to return to Major League showdown at the weekend, the Baltimore Orioles, so look forward to the Yankees fans back uncle sent a field day. However, in the joy hidden crisis behind went so far as suffering from a knee injury suffered from the problem of Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu (Nick Swisher) to check the station tomorrow to report to the MRI.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 Bureau of the face plate Noboru Uehara Hiroshi

Yankees sweep the Orioles want to, really is not an easy thing to do, good-bye in the Nick Swisher knocked 2 points gun blessing, the Yankees, insisted that reversal of 3 to 2 victory over the Orioles, let the Orioles took on all the success in the Big Apple.

9 Bureau of the face plate Noboru Uehara Hiroshi, Swisher did not allow opponents better, and in one person out there is relying on a base hit on the base of the Alex Rodriguez of the circumstances, would be cast out of high unemployment Uehara H into the left center field pitch home run, helping the Yankees play yard with a dramatic reversal to say goodbye to the visiting team.

Series before the two combat successive victory for the Orioles a chance since 1986 June 7 to 9, the first sweep at Yankee Stadium will be the Yankees, but this task is clearly on the Orioles is not easy to reach, or too will not wait 20 years have not do so.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dodgers Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda is undoubtedly the most trusted pitching coach this season one

Dodgers Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda is undoubtedly the most trusted pitching coach this season one, has already 35 years old, about to become a free agent at the end of the season, he may still be in hot demand, but Japanese media "SANSPO" reported Kuroda and the Dodgers at the end of the contract, the possible return of Japanese professional baseball, if the last true, and frequently co-guardian of Kuo victory Dodge fear disappeared from the screen.

Dodge 2007 and 35.3 million U.S. dollars signed a three-year contract, Kuroda be set in Los Angeles a lot of credit for the team is not a main battle in the case of the pitcher, he played the role of stability and morale, defense rate for three consecutive years 4 or less in the quarter, a better life was the first time single-season major league career of 10 wins, the outside world that the current rate of only 3.39 in his defense if it is not bad luck, is expected to win not only 10 results.

In the discussion on Trends and the next quarter, when Kuroda, the news he wanted to skillet on the news staff, even if he then responded, "I have not thought of quarters where the thing", the U.S. and Japan have been surging undercurrent wrestling. Dodge has expressed the idea of leaving him, while the post of Hiroshima Day, Giant and Kobe are also likely to express willingness to receive. Japanese media pointed out that if the return, return to the Hiroshima Carp of the opportunity to raise the maximum.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yesterday (2) took place in Miami with the Marlins National Bros

Yesterday (2) took place in Miami with the Marlins National Bros., the first fist of Nyjer Morgan is the main reason for the incident, so even if the Union is also examining the clash, but Morgan was suspended punishment should be inevitable.

According to sources, the Union may be culprit for yesterday Bros. Miami, Morgan, for an unknown number of suspended punishment, but recently the national center fielder also touched off a storm of other problems, the Union will be examining these events.

Morgan dropped the ball because the fans have been banned for seven games of action, but the appeal of the punishment for Morgan, it is still pending, only addition to the national pioneer also touched off a storm of other incidents, such as In Wednesday (1) appears in the controversial game the home plate collision, so the Marlins catcher Brett Hayes's shoulder was injured.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Braden in July has been the impact of the elbow injury

April 23 (Taiwan time), the athlete in their own home in a duel with the evil empire, first published Sheridan suddenly catch a glimpse of A-Rod stepped on the mound directly back to first base from third base, so he cursed the spot furious , "Get Off My Mound! (Get out of my mound)," the two sides after the game and even lead to war of words over time, this time the appointment of the last battle in the Big Apple's primary vote, he naturally became a hot topic.

Coincidentally, Braden in July has been the impact of the elbow injury, was put into the disabled list, and therefore missed the main cast was the evil empire with the series, this time finally have the opportunity to face the Yankees in the war of words after the first, it happen on A-Rod to stay current strained his left calf 15-day disabled list. As for A-Rod's injury, the Yankees coach Girardi (Joe Girardi), said yesterday, "A-Rod's situation well, should not have to use rehabilitation game play to adjust the situation."