Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 Bureau of the face plate Noboru Uehara Hiroshi

Yankees sweep the Orioles want to, really is not an easy thing to do, good-bye in the Nick Swisher knocked 2 points gun blessing, the Yankees, insisted that reversal of 3 to 2 victory over the Orioles, let the Orioles took on all the success in the Big Apple.

9 Bureau of the face plate Noboru Uehara Hiroshi, Swisher did not allow opponents better, and in one person out there is relying on a base hit on the base of the Alex Rodriguez of the circumstances, would be cast out of high unemployment Uehara H into the left center field pitch home run, helping the Yankees play yard with a dramatic reversal to say goodbye to the visiting team.

Series before the two combat successive victory for the Orioles a chance since 1986 June 7 to 9, the first sweep at Yankee Stadium will be the Yankees, but this task is clearly on the Orioles is not easy to reach, or too will not wait 20 years have not do so.