Saturday, September 25, 2010

However, the situation is not good in August Linse Kang

However, the situation is not good in August Linse Kang, 5 starts, the content can be said to be the worst career. He said: "Today was very easy pitching rhythm, a lot of ground balls and fly balls, the key outs are all caught up and am confident that I cast." Linse Kang vote today, 9k, but also to advance to the leading strikeouts Major League all 229 times.

Rocky Zong Jiaotou Tracy (Jim Tracy) said: "Linse Kang fantastic performance today, I think he is probably the best investment the whole race season." In fact, he is also very good army investigation Xin, 7 Bureau suffer Ann lost 2 points 3 Unfortunately, support is Burrell's home run, and run into the more violent Linse Kang, had to work next time.

Despite losing, but headed shortstop Trotsky Wieruszewski (Troy Tulowitzki), said: "At present we seem a little distance away from the playoffs, but the opportunity still exists, anything can happen." Rocky is currently being in the National League West behind 4.5 games behind wild card is 3.5 games.