Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gavin Floyd White Sox teammates were a waste of a good cast

"Is a very tough guy, the face of such rumors, and the scene is still easy as ever." Partner catcher Francisco Cervelli praise Road.

4 war 4 home runs, including the former labor Pom's Marcus Thames, this eruption sponsor a little brother maybe 5 degrees, the season for the Yankees 9 H Chi was the first point, Cervelli was captured 3 point circle Council hits, Brett Gardner added an RBI hits . Cervelli Nova with not only proper, single-field contribution of four 4 more fire support.

6 2 / 3 Board only lost two points, Gavin Floyd White Sox teammates were a waste of a good cast, Kutun 11 defeat. General manager Ozzie Guillen also protested at first base by the end of the trial bureau must leave early, "I've had enough." Guillen has been outspoken in blasting Road, still can not change the team lost nearly 14 war 9 predicament.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Dodge seventh Adds 3 can also worship the Brewers coach Maca (Ken Macha) ace Jaya younger

Fortunately Dodge Adds 3 seventh, the number of pull than 7:1, Kuo to another off day. Adds to his Los Angeles tomorrow, if the leading vote the possibility of the two Councils.

The Dodge seventh Adds 3 can also worship the Brewers coach Maca (Ken Macha) ace Jaya younger and more (Yovani Gallardo) voted the seventh over, and the fragile bullpen (4.91 ERA team ) metamorphosis.

Jaya after the situation more from the All-Star Game is not ideal. Before the game, he Star break ERA is 5.81, and in August the defense rate as high as 6.04. Bureau of the ball game his first poor, but then stabilized. But to further instability in the sixth point, which may tell her, just the life related. The vote in the sixth inning finished with 101 goals, although not many, but in the case of 3 points behind, the Brewers have a chance to counterattack. The Jaya probably more tired, and the seventh should not let him play again.

However, because the Brewers bullpen, coach Maca is so worried. Seventh let Jaya to play more support, with results that lost 14 balls, caught only one out of a few, leaving two runners on base, or be changed after the end. The relief pitcher Kofi (Todd Coffey) bid is adorned with not only the two base runners on them altogether and sent back and also own a wild pitch to score to get back. Dodge whistle is to beat the Brewers 7-1, and swept away three Brewers.

Firing in the bullpen frequently the case

Defect to the Big Apple this year, Park Chan-ho, conditions very different from the previous two quarters, despite the beginning of the season compared with the current record of improving the lot of a chain explosion, but from time to time still makes him the team ticking time bombs. Spread in the New York Yankees intend to trade after the news of Park Chan-ho, the U.S. network "" columnist Abusasi (Rob Abruzzese) can not help but applause is accusing the value of Park Chan-ho could not stick with the B player coffee on top.

Firing in the bullpen frequently the case, finally could not stand the Yankees, pitching to prepare for the big move of consolidation, following yesterday's mission came to be hired strong cast salia (Joakim Soria), based on the U.S. media of today reported that the Yankees have decided to unstable conditions in Park Chan-ho, old trade out, and he intends to use to the extreme, try to avoid only DFA (designated transfer), the original pellet still have to pay part of the salary) means an end to their relationship.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fill in the Rangers into Iraq after Lee left to vote

Trade rumors this year, one of the protagonists Harlan, yesterday was a rattlesnake transaction to the angels, indirect effects of Taiwanese fans is to determine if the Alliance was held in Taiwan next year, overseas regular season, fans will miss the scene to witness his presence.

Fill in the Rangers into Iraq after Lee left to vote, to seek hegemony even the AL West four angels, to discuss trade is positive, following the recent Royal in exchange for third baseman Kayasibo from after the vote yesterday, then left Sanders, etc. 4 players, in exchange for Diamondbacks ace pitcher Harlan, hope fill the lefty Kazmir injured the rotation vacancy.

Harlan in the past five years, the average quarterly take 15 wins, voted 221 Board, won the 192 strikeouts, is very stable starting A coffee, together with the contract due until 2012, also with 2013 options, regardless of length short-term investments, are the first choice, he played for Athletics in 2005-07, returning to the AL West is no stranger.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Second-year major league players of the New Testament price tag

Second-year major league players of the New Testament price tag, this season has Shangcuan market. Colorado Rockies shortstop today, and soil Luoweiziji (Troy Tulowitzki) signed a six-year contract of 31 million U.S. dollars, but also beyond the Cleveland Indians Saizimoer (Grady Sizemore) 6 years 23.45 million U.S. dollars of worth.

23-year-old soil Luoweiziji, in early 2006 on a race only 25 major league games, play star worth last year, one quarter to pay the 2 percent rate hit 91 in his rookie season in a complete, 177 hits , received 55 walks and 99 RBIs, the Rockies are rewriting the history of new records, in particular the single-season 24 home runs and breaking the record of the National League rookie shortstop, hit points is the National League rookie shortstop record of 50 years, the best .

At the end of the quarter last year, the Rockies lost only 22 games to create a market success, with this share momentum in the playoffs, downing and broke into the World Series, unfortunately being in the World Series with the Boston Red Sox swept four games, but Los Angeles youthful team played last year, the National League most valuable player Harold Day (Matt Holliday), has also just completed two years with the Rockies 23 million U.S. dollars of contracts, the Rockies to retain combat capabilities, providing the players after year at contract.

Rocky pellet that soil Luoweiziji annual salary the next six years were the previous two quarters were 750,000 U.S. dollars, 3.5 million U.S. dollars in 2010, remaining until 2013, received 5.5 million, respectively, 8.5 million and 10 million dollars, and the Rockies in 2014 also control soil Luoweiziji 15 million U.S. dollars of choice.

Soil Luoweiziji that prospect this year, he hopes to perfect zero fielding errors, while achieving some difficulties, but as long as everything strive for perfection, is the driving force for continuous improvement.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tigers make three-year contract in the plural

Detroit Tigers and lefty Robertson (Nate Robertson) signed a three-year contract for 21.25 million U.S. dollars.

Tigers make three-year contract in the plural, including 4.25 million U.S. dollars in 2008, 2009, 7 million U.S. dollars, 10 million U.S. dollars in 2010, and as long as two seasons in 2008-2009 more than 400 innings pitched Bureau, or 2009 In a season of 200 innings pitched Bureau, 2010 salary can jump to 11 million U.S. dollars of water.

Contract conditions also, as long as the ability Robertson performance in 2009 when the salary arbitration, he can exercise or choose a free agent. Robertson in 2002 in Florida Marlins Major League (6 games out of competition, investment and 8.1 Board, 1 loss record, 11.88 ERA), he came to the Tigers in 2003 after the Tigers had played in four complete season, after four years of quarterly average of 195 innings pitched Bureau.

In 2006, he single-season innings pitched up to 208.2 Authority, won the highest individual single-season 13 wins (and 13 lost) record time last year because of arm discomfort for 3 weeks did not play last year, threw only 177.2 Authority, won won 13 lost 9 , 4.76 ERA, gave up 199 hits and 119 strikeouts performance.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Clansmen and Villager-American players will make more room for development

Los Angeles Dodgers announced today that infielder Wade Zi (Wilson Valdez) sold to South Korea's Kia Tigers, Clansmen and Villager-American players will make more room for development.

29-year-old Wade Zi to participate in the Dodgers spring training last year, a race last year with the Dodgers in 41 games, batting average only 2 to 16, because for the poor performance on May 15 last year was the Dodge transfer of players for the specified queue , half of all minor league teams spend Laweijiasi 3A, 3A rate of 3 percent against 43.

The former Yankees coach Joe Torre Dodgers in charge this year to arms, in the past he successfully guide and support like Wang, Cannone, Cabrera, Chamberlain, Hughes and other young players the Yankees, Dodgers array present, there are many younger players , sent with partial long Wade Zi, U.S. media said would Abreu (Tony Abreu) and the Clansmen and Villager more competitive advantage.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Posada last year for playing 144 games

When Rodríguez (A-Rod) outbreak last year's home run, momentum swept all the news in the New York Yankees, the Yankees official website reported today that catcher Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) is the most important ruthless Yankees role.

Posada last year for playing 144 games, 125 games caught squatting, to pay out 3 percent hit rate of 38, the Yankees ranked first, and another 42 doubles, 20 home runs and 90 RBIs, according to record of Elias Sports Bureau, Posada is the first major league history, a rate of more than 3 percent against 30, doubles at least 40, at least 20 home runs, 90 RBI or more, and can capture more than half of the game squatting The super-iron fishing, unprecedented in history. .

Such a contribution, 36-year-old Posada to the Yankees to win a 4-year 52.4 million U.S. dollars in the New Testament, "I belong to a member of the Yankees, I am pleased to secure this a good contract." No accident Posada's baseball career in the Yankees should spend her old age.

"Now in the beginning to the end of the team players have been rare, and I now want most is to wait until 2009 to play in the new Yankee Stadium." Posada from the Yankees in 1995 as a member of the Alliance, from not changed his new team, his career average hit rate of 2 percent 77,218 home runs, 304 doubles and 861 runs batted in total, his 171 hits last year to create a personal career high, also lay in his Yankees weight.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Former U.S. Senator Mitchell in professional baseball players accused of doping over the investigation report

Major League Baseball seventh Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens personal website today to play the movie, once again denied the drug allegations.

Clemens said in the film: "Let me make it clear: the answer is no. I have not previously used steroids and human growth hormone. I really never used."

Former U.S. Senator Mitchell in professional baseball players accused of doping over the investigation report, the performance of players using the enhanced doping. Clemens is one of the most known one.

Major League Baseball to withstand pressure from Congress, we must understand the players are using drugs, and commissioned Mitchell to conduct this investigation. Mitchell wrote in the report, Clemens said former trainer Mai Nami was in 1998 when he played for the Toronto Blue Jays, injecting him with steroids, and in the year two thousand and in 2001 When Clemens joined the Yankees, injecting him with human growth hormone and steroids.

Clemens said in the film: "I did not let me Mai Nami injection. I play in the Blue Jays or the Yankees, the Mai Nami did not for me steroids or human growth hormone injections. This report is completely wrong . "

Sunday, August 8, 2010

MLB Major League Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays lefthander Kennedy (Joe Kennedy) in Florida today

MLB Major League Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays lefthander Kennedy (Joe Kennedy) in Florida today, the home of sudden death, was 20 years old.

Kennedy American citizenship were a race career 222 games played for the Toronto Blue Jays, Arizona Diamondbacks, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Colorado Rockies, and the Oakland Athletics. Record over seven seasons, won 61 lost 43, ERA 4.79.

Blue Jays president Gefei Rui said: "We are shocked and very sad. I would like to deepest condolences and prayers."

Kennedy the last time a race in the Sept. 29, his record over the past four wins this season, lost nine, ERA 4.80.

Blue Jays head coach Ruixiyadi said: "The sad news shocked. I wish his wife and children and family extend sincere condolences to the meaning."

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wadge to vote Total 116 points to finish first

Wadge to vote Total 116 points to finish first, Angel Soscia (Mike Scioscia), Yang Ji Tuorui (Joe Torre) separated two, three.

Custodian of rattlesnakes around 2001, relying on Johnson (Randy Johnson), Schilling (Curt Schilling) summit in one fell swoop, after the 2003 season, then the team decided to eliminate the "old" for the "new" lineup full younger, and thus pay the price for 3 consecutive years, winning percentage and five percent do not, this year's revival, after nearly 5-year re-entered the playoffs, Melvin strategizing deserve credit.
Melvin vote in the 30 baseball writers, received 19 first place votes and 119 points scored ranked points, leading the Rockies this year, staged a "wild card Legends" He more than (Clint Hurdle) only get 58 points , third.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A-Rod and the Yankees signed a years contract of 252 million U.S. dollars

"New York Daily News" reported today that Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees vice president Hank Steinbrenner said ‧ Yankees star third baseman no intention of softening of the "A-Rod" Rodriguez's position, nor will he become a free agent after consultation with him.

Steinbrenner told the newspaper, said: "We really want him to stay, but obviously he did not want to become a member of the Yankees. I just feel terribly sorry, if so, that would have to say goodbye."

A-Rod and the Yankees signed a years contract of 252 million U.S. dollars, 90 million U.S. dollars are still not paid, but he may choose to give up after the end of this season contract worth testing in the free agent market.

A-Rod's agent, Porras said, A-Rod to make such a decision, partly because of years as head coach of the Torre Yankees will leave, making the team feeling of insecurity.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rocky called the playoffs this year

Rocky public attention, the Red Sox victory over seven World Series, the first battle will be Taipei time at 8:35 on the 25th flames of war, to get good mining head, both sides sent up to win pitcher fight Matrix, Rocky by the 19 wins in Francis (Jeff Francis) to lead the charge, the landlord is introduced Becket Red Sox (Josh Beckett) will react.

Rocky called the playoffs this year, a large black horse, continuous sweep Phillies, Diamondbacks did not say, won 21 games the past 22 war, the situation was scary good, but there are worries Rocky, a tiger last year to wait at the final but lost Yat World Series "lesson", eight days rest is beneficial or harmful is still unknown, with the team only pioneer Tawalasi (Willy Taveras) had World Series experience, the road is Rocky won the problems to be overcome.