Thursday, August 26, 2010

Firing in the bullpen frequently the case

Defect to the Big Apple this year, Park Chan-ho, conditions very different from the previous two quarters, despite the beginning of the season compared with the current record of improving the lot of a chain explosion, but from time to time still makes him the team ticking time bombs. Spread in the New York Yankees intend to trade after the news of Park Chan-ho, the U.S. network "" columnist Abusasi (Rob Abruzzese) can not help but applause is accusing the value of Park Chan-ho could not stick with the B player coffee on top.

Firing in the bullpen frequently the case, finally could not stand the Yankees, pitching to prepare for the big move of consolidation, following yesterday's mission came to be hired strong cast salia (Joakim Soria), based on the U.S. media of today reported that the Yankees have decided to unstable conditions in Park Chan-ho, old trade out, and he intends to use to the extreme, try to avoid only DFA (designated transfer), the original pellet still have to pay part of the salary) means an end to their relationship.