Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fill in the Rangers into Iraq after Lee left to vote

Trade rumors this year, one of the protagonists Harlan, yesterday was a rattlesnake transaction to the angels, indirect effects of Taiwanese fans is to determine if the Alliance was held in Taiwan next year, overseas regular season, fans will miss the scene to witness his presence.

Fill in the Rangers into Iraq after Lee left to vote, to seek hegemony even the AL West four angels, to discuss trade is positive, following the recent Royal in exchange for third baseman Kayasibo from after the vote yesterday, then left Sanders, etc. 4 players, in exchange for Diamondbacks ace pitcher Harlan, hope fill the lefty Kazmir injured the rotation vacancy.

Harlan in the past five years, the average quarterly take 15 wins, voted 221 Board, won the 192 strikeouts, is very stable starting A coffee, together with the contract due until 2012, also with 2013 options, regardless of length short-term investments, are the first choice, he played for Athletics in 2005-07, returning to the AL West is no stranger.