Monday, August 2, 2010

Rocky called the playoffs this year

Rocky public attention, the Red Sox victory over seven World Series, the first battle will be Taipei time at 8:35 on the 25th flames of war, to get good mining head, both sides sent up to win pitcher fight Matrix, Rocky by the 19 wins in Francis (Jeff Francis) to lead the charge, the landlord is introduced Becket Red Sox (Josh Beckett) will react.

Rocky called the playoffs this year, a large black horse, continuous sweep Phillies, Diamondbacks did not say, won 21 games the past 22 war, the situation was scary good, but there are worries Rocky, a tiger last year to wait at the final but lost Yat World Series "lesson", eight days rest is beneficial or harmful is still unknown, with the team only pioneer Tawalasi (Willy Taveras) had World Series experience, the road is Rocky won the problems to be overcome.