Sunday, February 28, 2010

Google Attack code published by the Chinese author

Britain's Financial Times (The Financial Times) reported that a security adviser to China's freedom to write using IE6 browser attack code, and after being used to attack Google and other U.S. companies.

According to the Financial Times reported, this status has not yet exposed to programmers, will be part of the program posted on a hacker attack on forum, but Chinese officials have a "special channel" can be obtained for his work. The report quoted an anonymous government work for the United States researchers said, the program is not the author of an attack.

The New York Times reported last week, researchers tracked the issue to attack computers, belonging to Shanghai Jiaotong University and Lan Xiang vocational school, which is related with the Chinese military. However, the two schools have denied the allegations.

Google Inc. on January 12 announced initiative to the destruction of their networks belonging to China's human rights campaigners e-mail accounts compromised. Therefore, the company will no longer be prime filter the results of searches of Internet users in China, and even hesitate to withdraw from the Chinese market. The Chinese government denies involvement in any attacks.

Microsoft IE flaw comes a week after the attack code has been widely circulated after an emergency security patch.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Google began to include real-time search Facebook Status Update

Google has just announced through the post, the company's Facebook page will be updated information to its real-time integration of the search results page. Google first revealed the news in December last year, when Google has just started to real-time data included in its search results pages. Real-time results of Google and the other data sources including MySpace, and Twitter.

The only problem is that the initiative Facebook only allow Google access to its three million pages, these pages are generally famous people, politicians, brands and local businesses of all pages, rather than the general Facebook user page. This information may sometimes be useful, but the powerful real-time search lies in the fact many users involved. Facebook 400 million active users have a lot of information, but most of these Facebook messages are not shared with Google. In contrast, Facebook will have to be given access to all the user's permission (although this has not been achieved). Will be now able to access the data only those with "any person" are to share data. However, as in December last year, Facebook substantially modified its privacy regulations, Facebook ensure that the data will be obtained will be far more than previously.

According to reports, will be before, Google and Twitter for content sharing, when, Twitter will be charging for. The Facebook is different, it does not charge for their data to the search engines. According to industry analysts say, Facebook status updates services, the reason will be presented in the hope that the service will attract more users to visit their Web site.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google to buy technology companies against the iTunes player

According to foreign media reports, Google is likely to compete with Apple's iTunes. Currently, Google is the Israeli start-up companies Catch Media talks acquisition, with the latter technology will be available to compete with Apple's iTunes.

Catch Media Inc. in the United States Los Angeles, has R & D center in Jerusalem, Israel. The company has developed "Play Anywhere" technology can provide users with mobile phones and car players through a variety of devices on a home computer to access stored digital information services.

The company co-founder and CEO Yaacov Ben-Yaacov said that the people know that Google hopes to introduce to compete with Apple's iTunes service, the media will soon see a lot about our co-operation with other companies on the statement.

iTunes users can purchase and download media files, but these documents apply only to Apple's devices. Catch Media's technology allows users to any use of Google software, equipment, purchase and download media files.

Google acquisition rumors for this is that the companies have been with many companies in a variety of negotiations, but refused to comment on the rumors. Catch Media company spokesman declined to related response.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

South Korea preparing to set up the game fatigue system for adults

South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that in preparation for the game-related measures to prevent young people indulging the same time, will also prepare measures to prevent the adults were addicted to the game.

South Korean Ministry of Culture in order to create a healthy game culture, began operations in December last year, obsessed with anti-TF. Anti-TF to focus on youth anti-indulgence indulging system building.

On the other hand, South Korean Ministry of Culture is not only obsessed with the game a negative impact on young people will have a negative impact on adults. Therefore, in preparation for indulging in anti-TF policy, focused mainly on adding an adult.

South Korean Ministry of Culture will be the end of the three first public report, then plans to accept the assistance of relevant agencies.

In the near future, South Korea appears to prevent the adults were addicted to the game related systems.

Prior to this, South Korea NEOWIZ company has announced that in order to prevent children and young people over-indulge the game, in its operation to add all the game management system for their children.

Management system for their children is to let the guardian of children and young people in the management, under the supervision of a reasonable play games, launched by the anti-addicted NEOWIZ program.

After the guardian of the game as long as the NEOWIZ's website Pmang enter the child's account and through a simple registration you can view and manage the relevant data on children or adolescents of the game.

NEOWIZ company said the management system for the children to add, will facilitate the parents see their children playing a game related materials, hoping to help parents teach children to play a reasonable game.

Friday, February 19, 2010

OEM manufacturers still need to pay to use Windows Phone 7

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft's next-generation smart phone platform, Windows Phone 7 listing, will continue to maintain the original charging policy.

Microsoft Monday in the "Mobile World Congress" (MWC) launched a new mobile phone operating system, Windows Phone 7, which is Microsoft's Windows Mobile brand re-building after the launch of a new product, have raised in many aspects.

While competing products such as Google Android for free, but Microsoft will still be a Windows Phone 7 implementation of the charging policy. For the OEM handset makers, in order to use the Windows Phone 7, must be paid.

According to research firm Strategic Analytics expects that Microsoft will be Windows Phone 7 per phone charge 8-15 U.S. dollars. It is said that Microsoft's smartphone annual licensing fees could be as high 300 million U.S. dollars.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google approved in the U.S. wholesale electricity market trading

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to: FERC) approved by Google to become an electricity retailer, allowing the Internet giant like this, as the sale of public utility companies sell electricity.

FERC members unanimously approved a Google request to become a so-called market-based price management institutions. FERC monthly meeting of the Committee members before the voting began, said the Internet company is not currently facing the region's wholesale power plants, or for the transmission of electricity transmission lines.

Google said earlier that the interest in the electricity market to manage their own energy supply for the idea and in order to make better use of renewable energy sources. The electricity company did not provide relevant information. Google a spokesman said, Google has no plans to sell energy management services or energy market speculation. However, she acknowledged that the company is not completely sure how the next.

Monday, February 8, 2010

iPad5 years later, is expected to sell 57 million

Of course, iPad is not perfect. 10-hour battery life, color display instead of L-ink paper book electric screen, no GPS, poor interface type, there is no camera, do not have the multi-tasking operating mode, and so have become netizens accuse iPad "guilty" on-line even post carefully set out the iPad unsatisfactory defects, called "seven deadly sins."

At the same time, iPad is not the future will be smooth, powerful companies will face more competition. Month 2, the U.S. science and technology blog site TechCrunch pre-empt the release of Google Chrome OS Tablet PC model photos, and it is estimated that it will become a strong competitor Apple iPad. One multi-tasking capabilities, Internet download software, the price advantage of 10 points as a Tablet PC Google beat iPad advantage.

But even there are some competitive pressures, we can not ignore the new launch of Apple's history of market influence. IDC analyst Richard Shim predicted, iPad sales this year expected to reach 4 million -500 million. Research firm ABI Research even said that the release of Apple's iPad mean Tablet PC era, the world's Tablet PC shipments this year will reach 4 million. By 2015, annual shipments will reach 10 times today's annual shipments expected to reach 57 million.

For the iPad's no shortage of pessimistic about the fate of natural persons, according to "CNNMoney" reported that the concept of tablet PCs has long been, in 1993, when Apple has launched the product called the Newton Message Pad to enter the Tablet PC market, but it came out five years later, only hundreds of units sold. As for the iPad, and draw a clear line of distinction between smart phones are also increasingly vague definition of some analysts is that the Tablet PC market, a start because of a sense of excitement and performed well, while the final it will play a catalytic small devices such as smart phone evolution, and depressed computer prices.

Perhaps the iPad's fate will be like the date hereof the same as Apple's stock price ups and downs. In the conference a half-hour shares erased early losses, opened down 1.17%, followed up, but Steve Jobs introduced the product features iPad down again, and then soared and eventually break through 210 U.S. dollars per share. Regardless of stock how to run, and each of Apple's conference, not only by consumer concerns, the development of the electronics industry have become the navigation.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Microsoft Windows 7 patch court disaster damage the system stability?

Recently Microsoft's luck may not always problems have continued, IE browser vulnerabilities continue to be exposed, followed by the existence of being labeled a false system, Windows 7 laptop battery problems, today there are reflected in the user installed the latest release of Microsoft Windows 7 the system followed the conventional patch does not start properly, or even to shut down major problems. The causes of things, Microsoft has recently released the Windows 7 operating system for non-security update, when official said that the use of these patches is to improve Windows 7 system stability and reliability, however, the fact that on the contrary, after the installation of patches Surprisingly, a user feedback system is more unstable.

It is reported that users have on Microsoft's TechNet Web site to submit this information, install the update patch, the system prompts the pop-up box asking users to verify Windows 7, because the original authentication information has been lost. Shutdown problems can not be repaired in the media center, it can not perform the normal function of recording TV programs. Patch the original purpose is to solve the keyboard failure, notification icons and screen savers and other issues, compared to some users after installing the new problems more serious than the original intention.

Microsoft engineers Arthur Li has now been in the TechNet Web site patiently answered the user's question, saying that some users encountered this problem is the need to upgrade BIOS and hardware drivers due to, you can try to restart the computer after the closure of its own anti-virus software, and then patch. And said that if it is not solve the problem, please be patient to wait for Windows 7 the stability of the user the re-release patches.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Microsoft issued 13 patches next week to fix loopholes in 17 elderly

Microsoft today announced the February security bulletin notice next Tuesday will release Windows update is worth noting that as early as 1993, Windows NT 3.1 era of the loopholes to the present day has finally been repaired.

Problem lies in the Windows kernel, is an Elevation of Privilege (EoP) mentioned the right to vulnerabilities affecting all current 32-bit Windows, but the 64-bit will not be affected. Its problems mainly manifested in the use of DOS virtual machine generated when the kernel stack to handle problems.

Microsoft on Thursday released a brief introduction to next week's Patch Tuesday that Microsoft will fix 26 security vulnerabilities, including Windows, a serious security vulnerability that affects 32-bit version of the kernel security vulnerabilities and Office software, some of the security vulnerabilities.

Microsoft released 13 security patches there are five security flaws could lead to remote code execution, is a serious level of security vulnerabilities. These security patches affect Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, as well as Server 2003 and 2008, Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2004 for Mac.

Microsoft senior security communications manager Jerry Bryant said in a blog, and Office-related security patches is an important level, these vulnerabilities affect only older versions of Office, therefore, Office 2007 or Office 2008 for Mac users who do not use the patch this month.

This month's security patch includes a fix for 32-bit versions of Windows, a security vulnerability in the kernel patch. The flaw is Microsoft's disclosure two weeks ago.

At the same time, Microsoft did not provide fixes next Tuesday for flaws in the other two. One is the IE browser, can result in data leakage security vulnerabilities. This week, three security vulnerabilities disclosed by Microsoft. The other is the Server Message Block file-sharing protocol in the security vulnerabilities. This security vulnerability is disclosed by Microsoft in November.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vice president of Microsoft's Windows platform strategy leave this month

According to foreign media report today, Microsoft's vice president of Windows platform strategy MikeNash leave this month.

A Microsoft spokesperson later confirmed the news, and wrote in the message: We can confirm that McNash leave in a few weeks. Microsoft's effectiveness for 19 years, Nash several key areas the company had an impact. We thank him for his service and wish him every success.

According to sources, Nash will join the Amazon, and the effect on the Kindle team. Asked about Nash's position at Microsoft will be replaced by others, when Microsoft refused comment.

According to Microsoft's Web site, Nash is responsible for the recent business strategy for Windows, ecological systems, user security, IE, as well as emerging markets. He was on leave for six months in 2007 and then re-joined the Windows team.

With Nash's departure took office three years ago, all the Windows marketing executives have left. This is several executives were MikeSievert, WillPoole, JoePeterson and Nash. Taking into account Windows8 ready to go, as well as Windows CEO StevenSinofsky are trying to attract a new subsidiary of their choice (most are from the Office sector), this change is not unexpected.

Windows senior vice president of BillVeghte, also announced in mid-January departure.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Google Maps China once again start the Spring Festival

February 3 news, Google Inc. announced the launch of a Chinese map search service for users to use when traveling during the Spring Festival.

Google China spokesman Wang Jin-hong Tuesday said that to a "Spring Festival Google Maps" service to the general map based on the company's services, but added during the Spring Festival to meet the special needs of the user features. She said that now you can access using the service.

Last year, during the Spring Festival, Google China has launched the "Spring Festival map" service. In the Spring Festival on the map to the icon in the form of the original electronic map and weather information added to the relevant information. Click to important city along the top of the spring weather icon on the map will pop up the city a detailed weather conditions. In the important transportation hub at the top, you can also see some train, car or airplane-like small icons to open them is to understand the way the latest traffic situation, such as the cessation of ticket sales, closing the airport and car outage time and cause of the stop transportation of the trips, station or airport, stranded passengers and where the number of refunds and so on.

According to Agence France-Presse reported, WANG Jin-hong also said that Google's Beijing headquarters of the normal business operations.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Baidu international headquarters will be located in Shenzhen

Following the Alibaba Group in September last year, signed an agreement with Shenzhen in Shenzhen to build international headquarters and the south headquarters, the Internet's largest Chinese search engine Baidu --- will invest in international headquarters in Shenzhen, South China headquarters and R & D Center! Yesterday afternoon, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and Baidu in the Wuzhou Guest House Holdings Limited, a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held, marking the Baidu investment project in Shenzhen will be fully launched.
The Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Committee, Shenzhen City Acting Mayor Wang Rong, Baidu's Chairman and CEO Robin Li attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Executive Vice Mayor Xu Qin, Li representing the two sides signed the agreement on strategic cooperation (such as left, Lu Li Chang).
So why the election here?
Shenzhen Internet industry is a catalyst for the revitalization plan
Baidu is the world's largest Chinese web sites and Chinese search engine, is the world's second-largest independent search engine. Since 2009, Shenzhen Acting Mayor Wang Rong, Executive Vice mayor Xu Qin and other city leaders and the chairman and CEO Robin Li, Baidu held several consultations, after nearly five months of negotiation, the two sides decided to work together.
"The signing of the Shenzhen structural adjustment, industrial-level rise, the are all important initiatives, the strategic significance of Shenzhen is enormous." Rong said in his speech without notes.
"Shenzhen late last year introduced the Internet industry revitalization plan is a 'catalyst'." Li mentioned that, in addition to superior economic and technological development environment, the Shenzhen Municipal Government has also clearly put forward at the end of last year to vigorously promote the development of the idea of the Internet industry, and introduced a a series of preferential policies.
He told reporters that a good momentum of development in Shenzhen and a vibrant atmosphere for innovation is to attract the development of Baidu in Shenzhen, the reason why, but why so quickly decided to invest in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Municipal Government as an efficient as well as enthusiasm for the Internet industry.
Here Gansha?
Baidu to this "international"
"On a 10-year, Baidu through technological innovation has become the world's largest Chinese search engine, we plan to use the next 10 years, will become the world's Baidu to build the headquarters of the Internet innovation, Baidu to make the name more than half the countries around the world to become a household name brand. "Li said, there should be a group of internationally influential Chinese companies and China's current economic status to match, while China has not yet developed such a force, Baidu hopes to become of these businesses.
He said the next 10 years, internationalization will be the focus of Baidu, and Shenzhen is an open city, close to Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, many countries are also geographically close, together with Shenzhen is familiar with feeling, So, the selection will be the international headquarters building in Shenzhen.
"China's development potential and vitality of the South, so we feel that it in the future the content of Baidu accounted for an important position." He said, would be set up in Shenzhen in South China will become the headquarters of Baidu's administrative center in South China.
"There-scale research and development, in the future is the core competitiveness of Baidu." Set up with Alibaba Group's international headquarters in Shenzhen, the South compared with the headquarters, Baidu will set up R & D center in Shenzhen. Robin Li told reporters, as an Internet company, Baidu has always attached great importance to technological research and development, the existing more than 2,000 engineers, Baidu hopes to recruit the most outstanding technical staff, through the rational management of technical staff to make truly innovative Internet applications, The R & D centers in Shenzhen will be helpful on this.