Saturday, February 20, 2010

South Korea preparing to set up the game fatigue system for adults

South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that in preparation for the game-related measures to prevent young people indulging the same time, will also prepare measures to prevent the adults were addicted to the game.

South Korean Ministry of Culture in order to create a healthy game culture, began operations in December last year, obsessed with anti-TF. Anti-TF to focus on youth anti-indulgence indulging system building.

On the other hand, South Korean Ministry of Culture is not only obsessed with the game a negative impact on young people will have a negative impact on adults. Therefore, in preparation for indulging in anti-TF policy, focused mainly on adding an adult.

South Korean Ministry of Culture will be the end of the three first public report, then plans to accept the assistance of relevant agencies.

In the near future, South Korea appears to prevent the adults were addicted to the game related systems.

Prior to this, South Korea NEOWIZ company has announced that in order to prevent children and young people over-indulge the game, in its operation to add all the game management system for their children.

Management system for their children is to let the guardian of children and young people in the management, under the supervision of a reasonable play games, launched by the anti-addicted NEOWIZ program.

After the guardian of the game as long as the NEOWIZ's website Pmang enter the child's account and through a simple registration you can view and manage the relevant data on children or adolescents of the game.

NEOWIZ company said the management system for the children to add, will facilitate the parents see their children playing a game related materials, hoping to help parents teach children to play a reasonable game.