Monday, February 1, 2010

Baidu international headquarters will be located in Shenzhen

Following the Alibaba Group in September last year, signed an agreement with Shenzhen in Shenzhen to build international headquarters and the south headquarters, the Internet's largest Chinese search engine Baidu --- will invest in international headquarters in Shenzhen, South China headquarters and R & D Center! Yesterday afternoon, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and Baidu in the Wuzhou Guest House Holdings Limited, a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held, marking the Baidu investment project in Shenzhen will be fully launched.
The Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Committee, Shenzhen City Acting Mayor Wang Rong, Baidu's Chairman and CEO Robin Li attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Executive Vice Mayor Xu Qin, Li representing the two sides signed the agreement on strategic cooperation (such as left, Lu Li Chang).
So why the election here?
Shenzhen Internet industry is a catalyst for the revitalization plan
Baidu is the world's largest Chinese web sites and Chinese search engine, is the world's second-largest independent search engine. Since 2009, Shenzhen Acting Mayor Wang Rong, Executive Vice mayor Xu Qin and other city leaders and the chairman and CEO Robin Li, Baidu held several consultations, after nearly five months of negotiation, the two sides decided to work together.
"The signing of the Shenzhen structural adjustment, industrial-level rise, the are all important initiatives, the strategic significance of Shenzhen is enormous." Rong said in his speech without notes.
"Shenzhen late last year introduced the Internet industry revitalization plan is a 'catalyst'." Li mentioned that, in addition to superior economic and technological development environment, the Shenzhen Municipal Government has also clearly put forward at the end of last year to vigorously promote the development of the idea of the Internet industry, and introduced a a series of preferential policies.
He told reporters that a good momentum of development in Shenzhen and a vibrant atmosphere for innovation is to attract the development of Baidu in Shenzhen, the reason why, but why so quickly decided to invest in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Municipal Government as an efficient as well as enthusiasm for the Internet industry.
Here Gansha?
Baidu to this "international"
"On a 10-year, Baidu through technological innovation has become the world's largest Chinese search engine, we plan to use the next 10 years, will become the world's Baidu to build the headquarters of the Internet innovation, Baidu to make the name more than half the countries around the world to become a household name brand. "Li said, there should be a group of internationally influential Chinese companies and China's current economic status to match, while China has not yet developed such a force, Baidu hopes to become of these businesses.
He said the next 10 years, internationalization will be the focus of Baidu, and Shenzhen is an open city, close to Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, many countries are also geographically close, together with Shenzhen is familiar with feeling, So, the selection will be the international headquarters building in Shenzhen.
"China's development potential and vitality of the South, so we feel that it in the future the content of Baidu accounted for an important position." He said, would be set up in Shenzhen in South China will become the headquarters of Baidu's administrative center in South China.
"There-scale research and development, in the future is the core competitiveness of Baidu." Set up with Alibaba Group's international headquarters in Shenzhen, the South compared with the headquarters, Baidu will set up R & D center in Shenzhen. Robin Li told reporters, as an Internet company, Baidu has always attached great importance to technological research and development, the existing more than 2,000 engineers, Baidu hopes to recruit the most outstanding technical staff, through the rational management of technical staff to make truly innovative Internet applications, The R & D centers in Shenzhen will be helpful on this.