Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Google Maps China once again start the Spring Festival

February 3 news, Google Inc. announced the launch of a Chinese map search service for users to use when traveling during the Spring Festival.

Google China spokesman Wang Jin-hong Tuesday said that to a "Spring Festival Google Maps" service to the general map based on the company's services, but added during the Spring Festival to meet the special needs of the user features. She said that now you can access using the service.

Last year, during the Spring Festival, Google China has launched the "Spring Festival map" service. In the Spring Festival on the map to the icon in the form of the original electronic map and weather information added to the relevant information. Click to important city along the top of the spring weather icon on the map will pop up the city a detailed weather conditions. In the important transportation hub at the top, you can also see some train, car or airplane-like small icons to open them is to understand the way the latest traffic situation, such as the cessation of ticket sales, closing the airport and car outage time and cause of the stop transportation of the trips, station or airport, stranded passengers and where the number of refunds and so on.

According to Agence France-Presse reported, WANG Jin-hong also said that Google's Beijing headquarters of the normal business operations.