Monday, February 8, 2010

iPad5 years later, is expected to sell 57 million

Of course, iPad is not perfect. 10-hour battery life, color display instead of L-ink paper book electric screen, no GPS, poor interface type, there is no camera, do not have the multi-tasking operating mode, and so have become netizens accuse iPad "guilty" on-line even post carefully set out the iPad unsatisfactory defects, called "seven deadly sins."

At the same time, iPad is not the future will be smooth, powerful companies will face more competition. Month 2, the U.S. science and technology blog site TechCrunch pre-empt the release of Google Chrome OS Tablet PC model photos, and it is estimated that it will become a strong competitor Apple iPad. One multi-tasking capabilities, Internet download software, the price advantage of 10 points as a Tablet PC Google beat iPad advantage.

But even there are some competitive pressures, we can not ignore the new launch of Apple's history of market influence. IDC analyst Richard Shim predicted, iPad sales this year expected to reach 4 million -500 million. Research firm ABI Research even said that the release of Apple's iPad mean Tablet PC era, the world's Tablet PC shipments this year will reach 4 million. By 2015, annual shipments will reach 10 times today's annual shipments expected to reach 57 million.

For the iPad's no shortage of pessimistic about the fate of natural persons, according to "CNNMoney" reported that the concept of tablet PCs has long been, in 1993, when Apple has launched the product called the Newton Message Pad to enter the Tablet PC market, but it came out five years later, only hundreds of units sold. As for the iPad, and draw a clear line of distinction between smart phones are also increasingly vague definition of some analysts is that the Tablet PC market, a start because of a sense of excitement and performed well, while the final it will play a catalytic small devices such as smart phone evolution, and depressed computer prices.

Perhaps the iPad's fate will be like the date hereof the same as Apple's stock price ups and downs. In the conference a half-hour shares erased early losses, opened down 1.17%, followed up, but Steve Jobs introduced the product features iPad down again, and then soared and eventually break through 210 U.S. dollars per share. Regardless of stock how to run, and each of Apple's conference, not only by consumer concerns, the development of the electronics industry have become the navigation.