Sunday, February 21, 2010

Google to buy technology companies against the iTunes player

According to foreign media reports, Google is likely to compete with Apple's iTunes. Currently, Google is the Israeli start-up companies Catch Media talks acquisition, with the latter technology will be available to compete with Apple's iTunes.

Catch Media Inc. in the United States Los Angeles, has R & D center in Jerusalem, Israel. The company has developed "Play Anywhere" technology can provide users with mobile phones and car players through a variety of devices on a home computer to access stored digital information services.

The company co-founder and CEO Yaacov Ben-Yaacov said that the people know that Google hopes to introduce to compete with Apple's iTunes service, the media will soon see a lot about our co-operation with other companies on the statement.

iTunes users can purchase and download media files, but these documents apply only to Apple's devices. Catch Media's technology allows users to any use of Google software, equipment, purchase and download media files.

Google acquisition rumors for this is that the companies have been with many companies in a variety of negotiations, but refused to comment on the rumors. Catch Media company spokesman declined to related response.