Friday, July 30, 2010

This year's playoffs as long as Becket stepped Red Sox victory is guaranteed

This year's playoffs as long as Becket stepped Red Sox victory is guaranteed, a race won 3 games 3 wins is not that the Bureau of the primary vote in 23 out of 26 strikeouts soared, defense was only 1.17, a strong performance with teammates Youjilisi ( Kevin Youkilis) could not help but thumbs up: "Josh is really amazing, he dominated the field of all, the American League Cy Young Award this season must go to him."

Hold the line in the strong cast, the bored, the Red Sox play two lines are together the outbreak of the first Board of left field Youjilisi solo shot from the kick off, three-inning Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) swept the 390 feet "King," a base hit to break the deadlock 1:1, 7, 82 Bureau of hits and the Red Sox and then rely on intensive 5 has captured opponents mistakes, bottom Dingsheng Ju.

"To bang Liaodao Red Sox will not be easy, we must forget the failures, re-arming, fighting away the face of the next." Indians coach Wadge (Eric Wedge) said.

War will be the sixth American League Championship Series 21, Taipei time moved to Fenway Park, the Indians scheduled "right protect the law" Kameng Na (Fausto Carmona) full grab win, the landlord veteran Schilling Red Sox Zeyi (Curt schilling) fight.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The 20-year-old Japanese right-hander on the high hopes

High contract this season to join Major League Baseball MLB Boston Red Sox Japanese pitcher pine (soil reaction) Daisuke, and today they swallow defeat in the American League Championship Series, the playoffs still difficult to get a victory, the Japanese media are sorry frustrated .

The 20-year-old Japanese right-hander on the high hopes, expecting him to become the first pitcher to win in the playoffs won the Japanese pitcher. However, the pine (soil reaction) today undertook a mission start, only four and two thirds of the Board will play lost a quarter, caused by two to four Red Sox lost to the Cleveland Indians, American League Championship Series with a Katsuji behind temporary defeat.

"Daily News" Evening News pointed out: "Pine (soil reaction) was defeated. He was hurt playing like a boxer can throw in the towel, ending back to the rest area."

Pine (soil reaction) was the second game the Indians veteran Lofton smacked two-run homer, then feel lost, unable to throw themselves into the strike zone.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rocky won the fight over the last 19

Advancing the first time in team history the Rockies National League Championship Series, the 12th showing fearless fear the tiger, the momentum, the lefthander Francis (Jeff Francis) start 6.2 only missing a sub-bureau, led to extreme pressure landlords Diamondbacks 5 to 1, series Race 1 to 0 lead.
Rocky won the fight over the last 19, 18 wins, playoffs, unbeaten so far, relying on guns to fight this battle line break Diamondbacks ace Webb (Brandon Webb) block, three bureau on four hits with intensive and win the next three cities, lay Katsumoto, Rocky Grand 8 hits are all singles play, still winning record this season first.
Qi Ju audience next is the key, no way out behind the capture of a rattlesnake, second base, the European black up (Augie Ojeda) hit a grounder to third base, Rocky instigated double play, first base to second base running Yapton (Justin Upton) sliding to the right shoulder when deliberately tripped Rockies second baseman Kazuo Matsui, hampered by second base fielding Trial Division, ruled that the garrison to complete a double play, bored of the whole field Diamondbacks fan outburst, water bottles began to field drop within the game also disrupted 8 minutes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Although the recovery in eight innings on Indians 1 minute

Under the renewed offensive of five Yankees, one out after Hideki Matsui, Cannone (Robinson Cano), Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) scored consecutive hits in the Yankees the first 2 minutes, followed by Damon's 3 points up on the right field the whole base fight, than the number of advance for the 5:3. This four hits and the Yankees in this series is the first time in a row hit.

Under the sixth inning the Yankees Rodríguez (Alex Rodriguez), Posada (Jorge Posada) series of hits, with Hideki Matsui was the formation of bases loaded walks, the next rod Cannone direction of rolling to hit a right field hits Indians outfielder Nixon (Jake Westbrook) a serious mistake to keep the ball rolled behind him, as a clear base of the third base hits, leading the Yankees to achieve 8:3.

Although the recovery in eight innings on Indians 1 minute, but the Yankees still 8:4 win wrapped up the victory.

Gengrang Yankee fans happy is that Rodríguez 4 at bats today, 2 hits, Hideki Matsui hit number 2, 2 hits, hitters began to play a central level. 4 both sides will battle for the 9th Taipei time, the Yankees will offer veteran Mike Mussina (Mike Mussina) start, the Indians are from the Border (Paul Byrd) command and the main cast.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Capacity has not known for the long fight Japanese player Kazuo Matsui

Capacity has not known for the long fight Japanese player Kazuo Matsui, today in Major League Baseball (MLB) National League first round of the playoffs, blasted a grand slam home run the second war to help the Colorado Rockies than 10 5 Philadelphia Phillies beat the host team, three victories in five series with the system under the two cities from the National League Championship Series just a step.
Only four regular season game to prevent the Matsui red, four-inning Phillies pitcher Rossi from center field and win the hands of the direction of grand slam for two to three behind the original Rocky than three at one stroke ahead of six; 6 Council on Matsui's third base hits and then scored one point total of this was a quarter of Los Angeles, this laid the foundation wins.
Matsui five RBI today, not only hit a bases-loaded home runs in his career first, and only a thin one will be able to play first base to complete a rare full blow. He first struck in the third doubles, four home runs in the sixth inning, three-base hit after another, the eighth stop on the last combat zone, the result is a center field fly ball was then killed.
Los Angeles and Philadelphia were all sent to the 20 career fields not start a rookie pitcher Morales, Kenderuike fight, this is the first time Major League postseason history.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pan Niya major league season home runs ranked fourth

Pan Niya major league season home runs ranked fourth, sixth RBI, the number of season play for the career high 148 games while batting second as 82.

Before this season, Panni Ya never know their six-year major league career in more than 27 home runs or won more than 82 RBI.

Yang En as the League of Nations last year, private troubles, the same spring training this year, not included in the official list, but his national team, enjoying his second All-Star Game, and You Sancheng two batting average, 13 home runs, seven 14 RBI, 135 games a race.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yankees battle today with the Baltimore Orioles to the 10th Bureau

Boston Red Sox Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, lost two points today to eight innings of quality performance to help the Red Sox beat the Minnesota Twins five to two; as the New York Yankees in the AL East unfortunately lost, so the Red Sox re-registration interval of years of the AL East against the throne, Major League Baseball MLB "Basic socks struggle" to this end.

Yankees battle today with the Baltimore Orioles to the 10th Bureau, unfortunately, lost to 9 than 10, since the first time since 1998 to hand over people to the AL East throne. Officially released the list of American League playoff series vs. the Yankees eligible for promotion outside the card, the first round will be played the Cleveland Indians, Red Sox will be played in the Los Angeles Angels.

Today, the ninth the Yankees still lead the Orioles nine to six, but the Orioles outfielder Peyton knocked tied at full time base than the number of three-base hit, his teammates Mora 10th Council fatal bunt timely added something in mind, win the game.

Red Sox rely on Rolle's two RBI and "Dad" Ortiz with three hits in three at least, help the Red Sox pushed the record 95 won 65 lost, and the Indians tied the American League lead.

The last regular season playing for Matsuzaka, the season to 15 wins 12 lost to finish today, he not only won the 200th strikeout this season, but also the first since a 1954 Bureau of pitching more than 200 red socks rookie pitcher.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

When relief pitcher Chambertin test nine innings on the last batter struck out athlete Ellis

When relief pitcher Chambertin test nine innings on the last batter struck out athlete Ellis, won his second season after a successful rescue, the Indians at home 40 250 spectators into a carnival, Tony Tanzanian exam jumped into the arms of catcher Martinez, the same team into the wild celebration of the venue.
In California, Anaheim game, regular season game last angel to show his face at home, with seven to four Lectra Seattle Mariners, sweeping away the Mariners lost the first two consecutive haze, four years in the AL West the third champion.
Angels ace pitcher struck out the other side Qiju Recchi pitched seven batters, responsible for loss of two points, the performance of high-quality, and therefore picked up a career of 18 wins a season (9 lost).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When the Yankees top into the room ready for bed

In Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee) transactions, the Yankees had to get the name of Cy Young-level successful pitcher for the rotation combat strength points, and no one imagined that after a few hours, the situation discoloration in swine and sheep, Rangers he just popped up from halfway, and the way to 4-for-2 away, so the "evil empire" direct high-level hopping angry, complaining about the way the negotiations are too strange sailors, "the Yankees will not do such business."
When the Yankees top into the room ready for bed, I believe Cliff Lee has been their preys, the cost of potential shares Adams (David Adams), McLister (Zach McAllister) and the future catcher Mengti Luo (Jesus Montero). But Friday morning, sailors began to question Adams injury in the 2A, 1A players decided to change to Warren (Adam Warren), the Yankees agreed. However, over time, the sailor back to shortstop Nunai Zi (Eduardo Nunez).
Yankees list of previously refused to deal simultaneously with Mengti Luo and Nuni Zi, so this also did not hesitate to say "no" and feel a little strange. Rangers at this time to inform sailors to change their mind and decided to previously do not want to let go of the Shi Moke (Justin Smoak) into one chip, but also willing to pay Cliff Lee one of the remaining four million annual salary of 2.25 million, both sides readily agree This transaction established the case.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cardinals Carpenter was beaten only three hits in eight innings

The Giants send Zito Cypriot Young Award for pitchers, four Board beaten seven hits and lost five, cast Qiju Myers astronauts lost only one-third of sub-win pitcher ERA, Myers has also written Another club history, he is the former astronaut's first career start at least 15 over six innings in the rookie cast pitcher, although only five wins record five lost 3.20 ERA, or the Astros hope for the future.

Cardinals Carpenter was beaten only three hits in eight innings, with the assistance of the Franklin joint shutout Bluebird, Bluebird's Romolo eight innings did not lose points, but nine innings relief pitcher Greg was beaten three hits lost one point to bear failure to vote.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The campaign attacking the full power of the Yankees

Alex Rodriguez in the first Council on fire, seems to notice today (23), the Yankees will be a large outbreak Sure, the defending army in the eight Bureau of relying on machine-gun attack swept under 6 points, and closing to 9 to 3 stun Diamondbacks, in the series regain a One City.

Before World War I was a rattlesnake with 10 to 4 sea-K, the Yankees of course, swallow, 2 wars at once with the stick will face get back to, in addition to A-Rod's long-range missile bombardment, the race after the segment has even used the machine-gun offensive sweep back rattlesnake, is not to give opponents any chance to strike back.

The campaign attacking the full power of the Yankees, four-bar A-Rod's bat in particular, very hot, in a Council carry out on the left-center field artillery 2 points, the first to light up the scoreboard to help the Yankees. Although the Bureau of rattlesnakes in two under on the counterattack, relying on Dan Haren and win with a two RBI base hit tied the score one, but the "million man" in the 3 innings on another meritorious deeds, may point circle with runners in case of timely and win their first base hit, the Yankees leading by 3 to 2 once again.

Only 1 point ahead of course very insurance, so the Yankees took advantage of the 8 Board, on the occasion of end Haren to start looting and the great battle, fought a single Board of 10 people were struck six hits, walked one and hit the other was a 1 sacrifice fly, one stroke Mengguan 6 minutes into the bag, so winning becomes secure when.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Japanese All-Star hitter Ichiro Suzuki (Ichiro Suzuki) in the third one fired an RBI base hit

The Japanese All-Star hitter Ichiro Suzuki (Ichiro Suzuki) in the third one fired an RBI base hit, so sailors get 2 to 1 lead, Gutierrez (Franklin Gutierrez) blasted wide in the fourth base hit, Mariners 6 The Board also coming down in 3 minutes, get 7 to 1 lead.

Hughes (10 wins 2 losses) pitched 5 2 / 3 bureaus end, hit in the 10 safety and lost 7 points, so he tied the American League pitcher Wang hopes dashed.

Shi Weise (Nick Swisher) with two home runs, one in a bureau, the Yankees (47 wins 29 lost) was the first Chi points, another one was blasted in the sixth.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Today, the New York Yankees (28) scored first 4 points in 9 Bureau tied more than a few

Today, the New York Yankees (28) scored first 4 points in 9 Bureau tied more than a few, Robinson Cano and then to Council on 10 minutes hit the winning two runs, the final 8, 6 downturn than the war situation, with 2 wins and 1 negative in Dodge home and win the series, but also recover the two grips on an inter-union competition in Los Angeles defeated the face.
Yankees starting pitcher Andy Pettitte in the 3 inning bunt offensive beat for 3 bar with bunt advancing, he passes in which the error occurred 2 times, making Dodge took the opportunity in this Council scored 3 points. 4 Board under the Dodge and then rely on Rafael Furcal's sacrifice fly and Ronnie Belliard hit a solo bomb an additional 2 hours, 5 minutes to reach the gap ahead.
The Yankees seem unwilling to defeat former coach Joe Torre, 6 inning before Alex Rodriguez made with 11 this season, his first 594 bombers recovered 2 points, while Dodge Adds 8 Board under section 6 points, also did not shake AL East leader of the winning desire.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Indians fall to honor a Bureau solo shot, two-thirds of five home runs

But Ortiz took the ball to right field for a Bureau of the sea, giant Red Sox tied after a Bureau under the second inning the Red Sox three hits Adds two points, the Cypriot Young Award for pitching Linse Kang three Bureau 79 with the ball lost a quarter of exit, nine innings make up the Red Sox home runs Bell Cui, nine innings while the Red Sox sent nine strikeouts Liszt only gave up five hits, won the ninth season victory.
Indians fall to honor a Bureau solo shot, two-thirds of five home runs, beat back a quarter of total runs, in May Choo to the red pitcher A is excellent, if a single field Pom, whether fastball or changeup can be blasted the ball home run wall, with Indians rookie pitcher Talbot Qiju lost only one-third, won the eighth win this season, although the Reds lose, but the record is still the National League Central half margin of victory the Cardinals ahead, as the Cardinals also lost three to 10 Royal.