Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The campaign attacking the full power of the Yankees

Alex Rodriguez in the first Council on fire, seems to notice today (23), the Yankees will be a large outbreak Sure, the defending army in the eight Bureau of relying on machine-gun attack swept under 6 points, and closing to 9 to 3 stun Diamondbacks, in the series regain a One City.

Before World War I was a rattlesnake with 10 to 4 sea-K, the Yankees of course, swallow, 2 wars at once with the stick will face get back to, in addition to A-Rod's long-range missile bombardment, the race after the segment has even used the machine-gun offensive sweep back rattlesnake, is not to give opponents any chance to strike back.

The campaign attacking the full power of the Yankees, four-bar A-Rod's bat in particular, very hot, in a Council carry out on the left-center field artillery 2 points, the first to light up the scoreboard to help the Yankees. Although the Bureau of rattlesnakes in two under on the counterattack, relying on Dan Haren and win with a two RBI base hit tied the score one, but the "million man" in the 3 innings on another meritorious deeds, may point circle with runners in case of timely and win their first base hit, the Yankees leading by 3 to 2 once again.

Only 1 point ahead of course very insurance, so the Yankees took advantage of the 8 Board, on the occasion of end Haren to start looting and the great battle, fought a single Board of 10 people were struck six hits, walked one and hit the other was a 1 sacrifice fly, one stroke Mengguan 6 minutes into the bag, so winning becomes secure when.