Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When the Yankees top into the room ready for bed

In Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee) transactions, the Yankees had to get the name of Cy Young-level successful pitcher for the rotation combat strength points, and no one imagined that after a few hours, the situation discoloration in swine and sheep, Rangers he just popped up from halfway, and the way to 4-for-2 away, so the "evil empire" direct high-level hopping angry, complaining about the way the negotiations are too strange sailors, "the Yankees will not do such business."
When the Yankees top into the room ready for bed, I believe Cliff Lee has been their preys, the cost of potential shares Adams (David Adams), McLister (Zach McAllister) and the future catcher Mengti Luo (Jesus Montero). But Friday morning, sailors began to question Adams injury in the 2A, 1A players decided to change to Warren (Adam Warren), the Yankees agreed. However, over time, the sailor back to shortstop Nunai Zi (Eduardo Nunez).
Yankees list of previously refused to deal simultaneously with Mengti Luo and Nuni Zi, so this also did not hesitate to say "no" and feel a little strange. Rangers at this time to inform sailors to change their mind and decided to previously do not want to let go of the Shi Moke (Justin Smoak) into one chip, but also willing to pay Cliff Lee one of the remaining four million annual salary of 2.25 million, both sides readily agree This transaction established the case.