Friday, July 23, 2010

Although the recovery in eight innings on Indians 1 minute

Under the renewed offensive of five Yankees, one out after Hideki Matsui, Cannone (Robinson Cano), Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) scored consecutive hits in the Yankees the first 2 minutes, followed by Damon's 3 points up on the right field the whole base fight, than the number of advance for the 5:3. This four hits and the Yankees in this series is the first time in a row hit.

Under the sixth inning the Yankees Rodríguez (Alex Rodriguez), Posada (Jorge Posada) series of hits, with Hideki Matsui was the formation of bases loaded walks, the next rod Cannone direction of rolling to hit a right field hits Indians outfielder Nixon (Jake Westbrook) a serious mistake to keep the ball rolled behind him, as a clear base of the third base hits, leading the Yankees to achieve 8:3.

Although the recovery in eight innings on Indians 1 minute, but the Yankees still 8:4 win wrapped up the victory.

Gengrang Yankee fans happy is that Rodríguez 4 at bats today, 2 hits, Hideki Matsui hit number 2, 2 hits, hitters began to play a central level. 4 both sides will battle for the 9th Taipei time, the Yankees will offer veteran Mike Mussina (Mike Mussina) start, the Indians are from the Border (Paul Byrd) command and the main cast.