Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The 20-year-old Japanese right-hander on the high hopes

High contract this season to join Major League Baseball MLB Boston Red Sox Japanese pitcher pine (soil reaction) Daisuke, and today they swallow defeat in the American League Championship Series, the playoffs still difficult to get a victory, the Japanese media are sorry frustrated .

The 20-year-old Japanese right-hander on the high hopes, expecting him to become the first pitcher to win in the playoffs won the Japanese pitcher. However, the pine (soil reaction) today undertook a mission start, only four and two thirds of the Board will play lost a quarter, caused by two to four Red Sox lost to the Cleveland Indians, American League Championship Series with a Katsuji behind temporary defeat.

"Daily News" Evening News pointed out: "Pine (soil reaction) was defeated. He was hurt playing like a boxer can throw in the towel, ending back to the rest area."

Pine (soil reaction) was the second game the Indians veteran Lofton smacked two-run homer, then feel lost, unable to throw themselves into the strike zone.