Monday, July 19, 2010

Yankees battle today with the Baltimore Orioles to the 10th Bureau

Boston Red Sox Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, lost two points today to eight innings of quality performance to help the Red Sox beat the Minnesota Twins five to two; as the New York Yankees in the AL East unfortunately lost, so the Red Sox re-registration interval of years of the AL East against the throne, Major League Baseball MLB "Basic socks struggle" to this end.

Yankees battle today with the Baltimore Orioles to the 10th Bureau, unfortunately, lost to 9 than 10, since the first time since 1998 to hand over people to the AL East throne. Officially released the list of American League playoff series vs. the Yankees eligible for promotion outside the card, the first round will be played the Cleveland Indians, Red Sox will be played in the Los Angeles Angels.

Today, the ninth the Yankees still lead the Orioles nine to six, but the Orioles outfielder Peyton knocked tied at full time base than the number of three-base hit, his teammates Mora 10th Council fatal bunt timely added something in mind, win the game.

Red Sox rely on Rolle's two RBI and "Dad" Ortiz with three hits in three at least, help the Red Sox pushed the record 95 won 65 lost, and the Indians tied the American League lead.

The last regular season playing for Matsuzaka, the season to 15 wins 12 lost to finish today, he not only won the 200th strikeout this season, but also the first since a 1954 Bureau of pitching more than 200 red socks rookie pitcher.