Monday, July 26, 2010

Rocky won the fight over the last 19

Advancing the first time in team history the Rockies National League Championship Series, the 12th showing fearless fear the tiger, the momentum, the lefthander Francis (Jeff Francis) start 6.2 only missing a sub-bureau, led to extreme pressure landlords Diamondbacks 5 to 1, series Race 1 to 0 lead.
Rocky won the fight over the last 19, 18 wins, playoffs, unbeaten so far, relying on guns to fight this battle line break Diamondbacks ace Webb (Brandon Webb) block, three bureau on four hits with intensive and win the next three cities, lay Katsumoto, Rocky Grand 8 hits are all singles play, still winning record this season first.
Qi Ju audience next is the key, no way out behind the capture of a rattlesnake, second base, the European black up (Augie Ojeda) hit a grounder to third base, Rocky instigated double play, first base to second base running Yapton (Justin Upton) sliding to the right shoulder when deliberately tripped Rockies second baseman Kazuo Matsui, hampered by second base fielding Trial Division, ruled that the garrison to complete a double play, bored of the whole field Diamondbacks fan outburst, water bottles began to field drop within the game also disrupted 8 minutes.