Sunday, February 7, 2010

Microsoft Windows 7 patch court disaster damage the system stability?

Recently Microsoft's luck may not always problems have continued, IE browser vulnerabilities continue to be exposed, followed by the existence of being labeled a false system, Windows 7 laptop battery problems, today there are reflected in the user installed the latest release of Microsoft Windows 7 the system followed the conventional patch does not start properly, or even to shut down major problems. The causes of things, Microsoft has recently released the Windows 7 operating system for non-security update, when official said that the use of these patches is to improve Windows 7 system stability and reliability, however, the fact that on the contrary, after the installation of patches Surprisingly, a user feedback system is more unstable.

It is reported that users have on Microsoft's TechNet Web site to submit this information, install the update patch, the system prompts the pop-up box asking users to verify Windows 7, because the original authentication information has been lost. Shutdown problems can not be repaired in the media center, it can not perform the normal function of recording TV programs. Patch the original purpose is to solve the keyboard failure, notification icons and screen savers and other issues, compared to some users after installing the new problems more serious than the original intention.

Microsoft engineers Arthur Li has now been in the TechNet Web site patiently answered the user's question, saying that some users encountered this problem is the need to upgrade BIOS and hardware drivers due to, you can try to restart the computer after the closure of its own anti-virus software, and then patch. And said that if it is not solve the problem, please be patient to wait for Windows 7 the stability of the user the re-release patches.