Friday, August 6, 2010

Wadge to vote Total 116 points to finish first

Wadge to vote Total 116 points to finish first, Angel Soscia (Mike Scioscia), Yang Ji Tuorui (Joe Torre) separated two, three.

Custodian of rattlesnakes around 2001, relying on Johnson (Randy Johnson), Schilling (Curt Schilling) summit in one fell swoop, after the 2003 season, then the team decided to eliminate the "old" for the "new" lineup full younger, and thus pay the price for 3 consecutive years, winning percentage and five percent do not, this year's revival, after nearly 5-year re-entered the playoffs, Melvin strategizing deserve credit.
Melvin vote in the 30 baseball writers, received 19 first place votes and 119 points scored ranked points, leading the Rockies this year, staged a "wild card Legends" He more than (Clint Hurdle) only get 58 points , third.