Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Braden in July has been the impact of the elbow injury

April 23 (Taiwan time), the athlete in their own home in a duel with the evil empire, first published Sheridan suddenly catch a glimpse of A-Rod stepped on the mound directly back to first base from third base, so he cursed the spot furious , "Get Off My Mound! (Get out of my mound)," the two sides after the game and even lead to war of words over time, this time the appointment of the last battle in the Big Apple's primary vote, he naturally became a hot topic.

Coincidentally, Braden in July has been the impact of the elbow injury, was put into the disabled list, and therefore missed the main cast was the evil empire with the series, this time finally have the opportunity to face the Yankees in the war of words after the first, it happen on A-Rod to stay current strained his left calf 15-day disabled list. As for A-Rod's injury, the Yankees coach Girardi (Joe Girardi), said yesterday, "A-Rod's situation well, should not have to use rehabilitation game play to adjust the situation."