Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The current Yankees in the AL East leading position temporarily

According to the U.S. "bronxbaseballdaily.com" columnist Abusasi (Rob Abruzzese), in the 18th (U.S. time) reported that Cashman said pellet has not the first partition as an important goal, "With and environmental changes over time, will change people's ideas, not the best record into the playoffs each team, and finally take home the championship regarded, this does not mean lowering standards, but we have the best team into the World Series battlefield, otherwise all the efforts and performance of the season, may be all forgotten. "

The current Yankees in the AL East leading position temporarily, but only half-leading Tampa Bay Rays margin of victory. The basis of past history, including the Florida Marlins in 1997 and 2003, the Boston Red Sox in 2004, all other cards away posture World Series title season, and they are outside the card in 03 seasons, qualifications, a combination of World Series play against the team.