Friday, March 19, 2010

Discusses NFL playoff overtime rules

NFL boss who will vote next week in the playoffs, if the extra time to get right the first team offense scoring on a free kick, then whether to allow rival team also received an offensive opportunity.

In the previous game, regardless of which party first, scoring the game will be an immediate end, as in January's NFC final, Saints team in overtime on Garet - Hartley's free-kick beat Vikings man teams. But the NFL Competition Committee Chairman Rich - Mackay said the development of the situation shows that in the overtime coin toss by the opportunity to receive their first team offense gained much advantage. If in the first series of attack because of a third free-kick behind the team also scored a free kick, then the game will be the sudden death of the existing rules continue to carry out. This proposal is limited to the playoffs.

"According to statistics, it is clear that great changes have taken place now," McKay said. "When sudden death was introduced in 1974, when it was clearly functioning well and is a good system. It has brought excitement, and effectively break the tie. From 74 years to 93 years, received the first attack of the right The teams and have not been winning team were 50%, with the passage of time the data changes, the first team to get the right attack on the probability of winning to 59.8%, while the winning team did not receive probability dropped to 38.5%, we are trying to introduce a system of greater emphasis on team skills and strategies, rather than the randomness of coin flip. "