Monday, March 8, 2010

U.S. media: the most exciting Super Bowl game

New Orleans Saints not being optimistic about the case of 31 compared with 17 victory over Indianapolis Colts, won the 44th Super Bowl champion, this is the first time in history, the Saints won the Super Bowl, the U.S. mainstream media after the match time in the first race of the Comments.

"Today the United States" is entitled "When the Saints Run out the first time Super Bowl champion colt," the text of Brisbane in the game's performance in his praise. Brisbane came in this game 288 yards with two touchdowns. Saints and also referred to the team's kicker Hartley, his precise play three teams also guaranteed victory. At the same time in the "USA Today" and another article also describes the situation in Brisbane was Super Bowl MVP.

Focused on the economy's "Wall Street Journal" comment is very simple, they call this the Super Bowl is "the history of one of the most exciting games." "Boston Globe" Commenting on the return of the saints in the difficult process of winning the Super Bowl, while Porter and kicker Hartley, two players the exciting performance of highly commended.

Miami local "big South Florida Sun-Sentinel," attributed to the Saints to victory in the team, Brisbane flat Super Bowl record 32 passes successfully and Terlay last-minute steal are the focus of the text. In addition a local newspaper, "Palm Beach Post" and the "Great South Florida Sun-Sentinel," about the comments, in addition to Brisbane, Terlay and coach Xiao Enpei Leighton these core characters, they also mention to the Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, the impact of the city, which is hurricane brought them Xiaoen Pei tons and Brisbane, and now the two of them to help the city to the Super Bowl for the first time gave the Saints .

As a victory party, "New Orleans newspaper," after the game remains the focus of Brisbane, Terlay and coach Xiao Enpei ton.Terlay about that steals touchdowns of 75 yards, said: "I know their intentions, I just must firmly grasping the ball in my hands." As a team owner Tom Benson are crying, "New Orleans is back" I also expressed the coach Xiao Enpei tons of love, after the game he said: "I really wanted to kiss him on this."

"Los Angeles Times" is entitled "When the Saints rebounded in the second half to win the Super Bowl." Wen said the Saints victory was "New Orleans, the greatest moment in sports history." Similarly, the famous "New York Times" commented that "the saints gathered there, from the Manning victory."