Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NFL rankings 11-20 free agent

11. Brian - Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles, running back

Injuries so that he lost the power of the past, but the Vikings are willing to Chester - Taylor's looking for a replacement.

12.Antonio Bryant, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, outside to take over

Nate - Abelson not succeeded to become a free agent, each with teams so that it would focus on Bryant's body, his last season of 15.4 yards per catch and promote the ability to make a battle is inevitable.

13.Ben Watson, New England Patriots, Tight end

And Tom - Brady with the years, coupled with good height, Watson advancing an average of 13.9 yards per catch last season, contributed five touchdowns.

14.Jarvis Green, New England Patriots, defensive end

Although only a substitute player, but his performance is very stable, in the defensive end have an excellent running ability.

15.Bobbie Williams, Cincinnati Bengals, protecting front

This week, he most likely is the mother team re-sign a contract, the Tigers team needs a stable starting Tackle.

16.Neil Rackers, Arizona Cardinals, kicking players

At least 10 football teams want to improve the level of the lakes is an ideal candidate in the 2009 regular season, he only missed a free kick.

17.Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans, linebacker

Team must wait for the recovery of his injury, but if you signed a contract to starting players must be arranged in the female team the best chance Titans team.

18.Terrell Owens, Buffalo Bill, outside to take over

TO is a famous NFL mercenaries, but last season he was shut up in Buffalo for an entire season, an average of 15.1 yards per catch and achieved five touchdowns.

19.Chester Pitts, Houston Texans, retaining Feng

He is also a concern to protect the market this week, causing front.

20.Brodney Pool, Cleveland Brown, free and safe Wei

Because he is a restricted free agent, but has not been the team labels, in fact no different from the non-restricted free agent.