Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tomlinson met with Jets executives

La Dai Homo - Tomlinson, this free agent running back Friday in New York Fuluohanmu park jet training camp and the New York Jets team officials, he also plans and in New Jersey with the head coach Rex - Ryan, general manager Mike - Tanenbaum and related personnel for dinner. Tomlinson, the plan to fly back to San Diego's home, but he could not catch up with dinner plans to make the plane to fly back to the West Coast. Jets spokesman Bruce - Spaight said, this running back Friday night after the trip has not been determined. Tomlinson met with the additional potential due to Jets for his love, they tried to persuade him to join the red ball last season ranked first attack line in the league. Tomlinson, the day before with the Minnesota Vikings team meetings have not signed a contract Thursday night, he went to the New York area.

Tomlinson San Diego last month, lightning force cancellation, he 12.49 thousand yards of the red ball a few yards in the league history, ranking No. 8. If he chose to join the Jets, Tomlinson might be as Shonn Greene's replacement, Pellegrini, in his rookie season on the canvas, his presence makes Thomas - Jones, a player the team can give up, Jones in this week's earlier and Kansas City Chiefs signed. Tomlinson will be in June at least 31 last season has created the worst performance of his career, a total of 223 red ball ball 730 yards, an average of 3.3 yards per ball forward only, he has 12 touchdown scores, But he attacked the position has been reduced, and the team focused on offense quarterback Philip - Rivers and the passing offense.