Monday, June 28, 2010

Rockies back in 1 minute under eight innings

Rockies back in 1 minute under eight innings, the Red Sox come in the ninth inning of the Terminator sent Bo (Jonathan Papelbon) hold the line, did not expect the Rockies are still struggling to resist, Hope (Brad Hawpe) and win 2 points A base hit RBI to 11:11 than the number of tied, the two sides back to square one, with two days of the rescue sent Bo failure. cheap mlb jerseys

10 Board, the Shikuteluo (Marco Scutaro) out after a hit on the base, two outs, Peizhuo Ya just back from injury by the Rocky's Shicui Te (Huston Street) in the hands, and then today, 3 H individuals runs, help the Red Sox get another 2 points ahead. Park Board to send half of the learning the lessons so that the Rockies 3 on 3, the least to keep the Red Sox victory.

Piper lost the Council today voted 2 2 minutes, rescue failed 3rd season, but earned 3 individual wins (4 lost), Pei Zhuoya audience is 5 5, 5 RBIs were laid, get back to base attack 4, become the biggest player in Red Sox win. Rocky knocked the audience while 18 hits, only to lose the end of the bitter fight today.