Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is light years past a 3 degree tragically no hits

This is light years past a 3 degree tragically no hits, they were by the end of July last year, the Chicago White Sox Mark Buehrle threw perfect game, early in May this year, it was Oakland Athletics Dallas Braden threw complete games.
Colorado Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez on the Atlanta Braves in four months to cast their first major league no-hitter this season, while Braden, the Philadelphia Phillies Roy Halladay was also the end of May in the Florida Marlins threw complete game at home.

May 2004, Randy Johnson on the 40-year-old Atlanta Braves throw perfect game and also the history of Arizona, first no hitter.
Jackson's 149 ball, no-hitter is the largest number of records with the ball, he said: "I did not pay attention to the last few balls, I do not want to be the distraction." The no-hitter for the cast of mind, Jackson was said: "My feeling is of course great, especially after the previous Board (the state) after."
"To return here, to have the audience cheering for me to see my performance. Today is a special day. I will never forget." Two years ago to help light reached the World Series in Jackson, said.