Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kannuo knocked a solo shot in this first

ALCS: Game 1

Yankees Rangers, 6-5.

Hero: Yankees second baseman Kannuo (Robinson Cano).

Goat: Rangers bullpen, the Rangers second baseman Gensler (Ian Kinsler).

Key moment: Top of course, is the eighth!

Rangers starting pitcher Wilson (CJ Wilson) voted Qiju strike, Top of the face of the first eight batters Gude Na (Brett Gardner), was hit a infield hit. Next Kit (Derek Jeter) added a base hit, the number of catch than 2:5, only behind the three points. Wilson was for end, but one-third of the lead, still full of feeling Steady. But this season bullpen ERA (3.38 ERA) ranks second in the American League Rangers bullpen was the big bang here! First, the performance of the past three years are quite outstanding veteran Oliver (Darren Oliver), up can not find the strike zone, even after the end to send the two walks. Then right-handed batters in the EU specifically caught wearing (Darren O'Day), particularly in the face of A-Rod career twice, regarded him K out. Results A-Rod wear grasping the bases loaded in the European case, the ball must first strike a psychological plug, the first ball to swing and win with a two-RBI base hits, behind only the Yankees catch a points. Then grab Rangers left to play and then put on the La Pada dedicated (Clay Rapada), is the first tied the ball was knocked Kannuo a base hit! Rangers here have been lost. The most Houtaimusi (Marcus Thames) and then win their points ahead of hits, with Rivera (Mariano Rivera) in the hold the line, the Rangers lost a game in the win.

Kannuo knocked a solo shot in this first, and then tied the score win their hits, plus two single-game three hits and RBIs, is the most outstanding hitter.