Thursday, November 11, 2010

Washington Nationals players Wang of Taiwan in the early morning

End of the season a month, the Washington Nationals players Wang of Taiwan in the early morning of 12 returned to the country and even throughout the year Jiewei race this year, when coming out of the airport hall, still warm reception by the fans, the popular board not to be injured can not be registered impact. Asked about the contract with the Nationals, Wang made it clear that there is no progress, things have to wait until December to become clear.

Just back to the airport, Wang is different from ordinary people's sturdy body Jibei sharp-eyed fans that, in addition to screaming his name, but also grasp the rare opportunity to pictures taken. There are fans just met Wang at the airport, we are pleased to share information on the network, address him who has twice won 19 games in the Taiwan Major League pitcher "just great."

Step into the airport, the media too are most concerned about Wang desert and rehabilitation status of the contract, contracts, outside the previous one after another for his many predict the future, some think that some people will choose to change, while others think that people will not for some, followed by low pay and incentive terms of ways to sign back. And Wang said, "There are no (result), we must wait until December." Dec. 3, Taipei time whether to pay the team's arbitration deadline.