Sunday, November 14, 2010

As Choi Martinez and Bell are free-agent market this year

As Choi Martinez and Bell are free-agent market this year, the top 3 catcher and first baseman candidate, so in addition to the Red Sox, there are also other teams want to recruit, it also gives them the opportunity to get a more generous contract . Martinez hit rate of 3 percent this quarter, 02,20 H, 79 RBI, batting average this season Bell Cui 3 into 21,28 H, 102 RBI.

Epstein also said that in addition to the Red Sox this winter interested in signing free agent market, outfielder Crawford (Carl Crawford) and Voss (Jason Werth), also hope to fix into two relievers, as fill into including through trade or free agent signing from all possible.

Epstein said: "The team's starting pitchers are pretty good, there is no intention to change, so the target placed in the bullpen." Red Sox this year to No. 3 in the eastern United States masterpiece collection, once again missed the playoffs, only looked at the Tampa Bay Rays with the partition and the "feud" to get the New York Yankees playoff tickets.