Sunday, July 31, 2011

Western Oil Painting Art Appreciation Experience the Essence of Time Accumulation

Along with the art of painting is almost human civilization, the rock paintings from ancient times to today's ink painting, oil painting, watercolor, etc., can be described as human wisdom. This painting from the art of painting in the West, has now spread around the world open to gradually been known. Painting is the artists' perception of the real world, the emotional catharsis, painting with a strong plastic, it was opaque and strong coverage of paint, painting can be from deep to shallow, layer by layer coverage, can create a rich three-dimensional and layering works. Oil compared to other kinds of painting, to produce the feeling more emotional resonance with the rhythm of people's thinking and efforts to bring the visual enjoyment, but also gave rise to a psychic shock.
Western oil painting has a long history, forming a different school of painting and style, art from life, showing the deep insights of life and aesthetic experience of the rich accumulation. Artists do not feel the same things, this point fully demonstrated in oil paintings, thus forming a different painting. Some realistic paintings realistic, focus on the details of the appearance of the beauty of things, and some oil paintings abstract empty, and to tap the inner meaning of things, in short, a wide range of all-inclusive.
Oil painting artists, ceramic hybrid Jade making money online originator of Western painting is the painting, the development of drawing skills are quite mature, compared to China's painting, Western painting has been emphasis on the use of color, light and shadow contrasts highlighted by three-dimensional things and realism, the artist can fully demonstrate their painting skills. According to Bo Po network to experts, Chinese ink painting focusing on the rendering and mood creating an atmosphere of Western painting, pay attention to the texture of the screen beauty, through the texture to convey the artist's own feelings, to enhance the work of the appeal. Painting through the long development, has formed a colorful world of painting, Western oil paintings can be described as the essence of accumulation in time, whether classical or modern painting paintings are bursting with unique light.
Oil paintings porcelain making money online miscellaneous jade artists painting the Exotic Art Now, China has also been an unprecedented development and prosperity, but Western oil painting is definitely the authority in the oil sector. Bo Po Art Network as the largest oil trading platform, a collection of many fine paintings, a wide range of dazzling, people should be too busy then, where we can enjoy the exquisite oil paintings, oil paintings can feel the unique charm .