Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pollock Painting and All His Life

This strange way of Pollock painting in his early creative cursing the audience by the United States and ruthless criticism, the audience simply could not understand. Later, with the development of society and the art of change, people gradually to his "action painting" with the value and significance to further understanding and awareness. In 1973, his piece is the Australian government for $ 2 million collection. Abstract expressionism he opened up a new path of development, a great and far-reaching impact on U.S. and European development of modern art.

• Jackson Pollock (Jackson Pollock, 1912 --- 1956), was born in the United States Wyoming Division flute, is among the smallest of the five brothers. One year old, continued migration began with his parents, especially young people get a lot of time in the western United States, life experience, his artistic future lay deep the seeds. Admitted to art school in Los Angeles in 1928, came into contact with European modernist art, especially surrealism art in Europe highlighted the subconscious activities of interest. 1930 moved to New York, studying at New York Art Students' Federation, 1947, Pollock began with an abstract approach to the canvas shop floor to intuition and chance performance of the artist's subconscious factors that create the first action painting. 1947, "Times" magazine carried a full page of his report, in 1949, he became the "Life" magazine article, the main characters is very important, especially for readers and the public, Pollock has become the modern art one of the symbols - strange, incomprehensible, foolish, yet very very exciting. In 1954, Pollock held his last show, after his creation become slow and sluggish, and then again, he gradually stopped writing. One day in August 1956, he took his lover and another friend drove traveling in a car accident on the way home, he was thrown from the vehicle and died on the spot, but he created the "Action Painting" is added to the history of Western art new chapter.