Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beautiful dynamic, gorgeous colors - Degas and "Dance Lesson"

"Dancing Class" depicts a group of little girls in ballet class to display a variety of ballet moves to clear the scene, but also the best performance of the theme of Degas, and even, for a long time, Degas has always been obsessed with dance this subject, often out of place in ballet training or the classroom, observing the actors, or student learning, life and a variety of ballet moves, the resulting plot evil spirit a lot of material, to draw a lot of ballet, dance, posture training, or the theme of work. These works became the works of Degas's life the most important part. From the art, said these works in the shape, color and light made on the use of high artistic achievement, particularly in the impressionist paintings occupy an important position. "Dance class" is the most representative works of Degas, is one of the Impressionist paintings in the most unique works.

In this work, Degas fine traditional painting techniques and color of the Impressionists in the major discoveries and innovations, intentions together, so that the picture in the composition, light and color to generate a dynamic, but also caused a natural, vivid and harmonious unity of effect, the entire screen with a tension flowing out. We are from the composition analysis, the square screen, the characters are almost lined up, that little girl is performing the central figure is a screen, because of her position, so people naturally into the picture before, during, and after three parts. Especially before and after the two parts constitute the linear arrangement, the girls were dancing with the middle to form a compact and coherent whole, so that the entire screen filled with a dynamic beauty. Degas the last part of the characters in the picture arrangement, although a bit messy, but that is too similar artists interested in breaking the front as a means taken, but also the artist's genius. In addition, the handling of light and color, clear and bright, although a larger dynamic picture, but artists in the handling of color, just so that the screen is full of a balance, pink and pale green walls of floor to form a Echoing the kind of relationship, so that the painting in color shows a gorgeous feeling.