Monday, August 29, 2011

Corot "Mengte Fontaine Memories"

If you say Western landscape painter, then we can not forget to let Bobby Lancaster Camille Yeke Luo (1796-1875). The Barbizon school of painters, with its strong classical foundation and built up a unique sensitivity of classical landscape painting from the French and later a bridge between Impressionism landscape. His noble and gentle character, and his poetic works, he was the most respected artists of the elderly, his paintings are the experts and the public praise from both sides. Corot is a barber's son, was for parents to do the clothing business and a fortune, so Corot has been a good economic background to support his painting career. But he is really engaged in the painting in his 26-year-old after his father so that he graciously took the painting of the road. Corot has studied Mixie Long and Bo Ting, from whom he learned the principles of classical composition and outdoor painting skills. Corot revealed from the outset, the special interest of the landscape, he traveled countries, came to Italy three times to capture the beauty of Rome. Also in Italy, when he became the most popular landscape painter.