Monday, April 26, 2010

Andre Iser was walked five balls

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre. Iser is not unusual to send something, he walks in the Dodgers ranked third with 41 walks. But this time send some strange, Sunday night, the face of the Phillies starting pitcher Joe Braden's first game, because the ball referee Jieruileien Secretary forgot about the ball number, after four balls do not tell Iser first base until the five balls before he went base. mlb jerseys

"I was confused," Braden said, "After the end of this Council catcher Carlos I asked how matter luz. Because the referee made a gesture full of balls, the next 2 bad 2 say is good. I think There is a ball referee made a mistake. "Manchurian Global, the Isle of two foul ball hit. After a bad ball, the referee said 2 bad 2 good, is like that.