Friday, April 23, 2010

Grady Se Simo into the 30-30 club

We now have one of the best statistical evidence Simo can hit power, it is 30-30. Monday night, Sai Simo 08 season 30 home runs so that he reached 30 home runs in a single season stolen base record of -30. Zhezhi spring home run from the hands of Tiger pitcher plus get, and ultimately help the Indians win 4:3. 30 home runs, no, 31 - and he has sensation in the third inning of a spring home runs, 34 stolen bases have made him go down in history had. 30-30 club, only nine American League players, wholesale mlb jerseys as well as 31 other major league players. Indians before the club members only 30-30 weeks of Carter, his 1987 season to reach this result.

"I would have preferred the first rod, the strength to combat them, there number to the base, can be stolen bases, to score on their own players." Se Simo said, "I hope that he is both the strength and speed the players. "