Thursday, April 29, 2010

However, the 68th victory of this city is almost one Santana do

However, the 68th victory of this city is almost one Santana do. This was his 11th win of the season. As the saying goes 90% rely on baseball pitchers, but 95% of the game by a pitcher. This complete cast shutout - Santana's career, the fifth in the National League for the first time, the Metropolitan from September 2006 to vote since the first complete shutout - Santana opponents hit only three hits and no walks. Jackie Wilson had two hits, Lu Ann Tokushima. Lalo its one, is a base hit, and only Wilson entered into second base. Santana won seven strikeouts, made a four-game winning streak. Bullpen and pitching coaches are grateful. "I want brothers rest," Santana said, "This is my pleasure to vote because a complete game. And shutout, and the results better."

Although the manager of Man Niuai music that he was not considered for the bullpen, but pitching coach Dan Wosen said: "We thank him for his vote finished the whole game, which can help the cow's busy, no doubt." This season metropolis has cast two complete shutout, and Santana are the gift of prayer. Man Niuai music is to praise considering more Santana. "He's throwing free and easy, and did not encounter a lot of pressure situations." Said the manager.