Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5, the Cubs started counter-offensive

5, the Cubs started counter-offensive, two outs second baseman DeRosa (Mark DeRosa) hit a base hit, Diamondbacks intentionally walked center fielder Johnson selection (Reed Johnson) to face the next pitchers Leary. However, the unexpected, did not expect a profit in the hit one with an RBI base hit, with left fielder this season to combat sluggish MLB jerseys Shaliyanuo (Alfonso Soriano) then also make up a support an RBI double to hit, so after 5 Board, Cubs 2 to 1 lead.

8, the Diamondbacks have the opportunity to counterattack, and no one out, Ou Hada (Augie Ojeda) hit a base hit, the next rod left fielder Baines (Eric Byrnes) 2 good 3 bad rods were struck when the swings, Ou Hada Although the opportunity to steal the second base, but Baines was sentenced to impede the movement of the swing garrison, Ou Hada also being put out, Arizona's offensive is broken.